How to handle relocating your business in the middle of peak season?

Relocating your business in the middle of peak season is certainly not an easy task. When running a business there are many factors you should look out for. With all the things that can influence the productivity of a company and its sales, adjustment is sometimes more than necessary. That is why many businesses try and change the scenery in order to continue with the good investments and hopefully expand their business. However, sometimes it is exactly what needs to be done.

co-workers in office debating the best ways of relocating your business in the middle of peak season
Teamwork can come a long way, especially in office environments

Luckily, by hiring office movers Las Vegas you can rest assured that the move will have a professional approach. Relocation is a hard process on its own, but once you add the factor of moving businesses it can get even more stressful and hard. Paying attention to details and staying in touch with the whole process is of utmost importance.

What is peak season?

Generally speaking, the peak season starts in July and ends in September. Usually, summertime breaks and holidays are a time people decide it is the best time to move. With all of the obligations put aside, everyone finds spare time to deal with moving. Another factor that plays a huge part in this is the warm weather. It makes it easier to pack, load and unload belongings. Not to mention the factor of a much safer transport phase, with clearer roads and faster travel time. So, to put it in a perspective, warm weather and much more free time are usually what drives people to move during the summer.

Why does this affect you relocating your business in the middle of peak season?

Well, relocating your business means that you will not be looking for a house or an apartment. However, it does mean that many people hire professional movers to help them transit. This can be a big problem for companies who require adequate assistance with moving office equipment. It can also affect the business schedule.

The biggest issue companies might face is how to make time for relocation while still working. This is something that is very crucial to companies and should be a priority. Losing clients and customers can inflict long term damage to the companies reputation and budget. In order to avoid this, companies should consider the next steps when moving:

  • Book the move in advance
  • Notify all of the clients and customers
  • Announce the move to employees on time
  • Make sure no time is lost

Moving is a hard process, especially for companies as they risk losing clients and shrinking their business. Understanding what issues may arise and what should be prioritized you lower those risks.

Book the move in advance

As said above, during the peak season most of the movers might already be booked or occupied. That is why you should always call in advance and book a move on time. This will not only guarantee the move will be completed, but will also give time to you and the employees to fully prepare for it. Hiring professionals, like Las Vegas movers, is the best way to make the moving process easier and smoother.

Notify all of the clients and customers

Regardless of what your business branch is, notifying your clients and customers is very important. Relocating your business in the middle of peak season can leave serious consequences to your business. By contacting your customers you make them feel involved in the whole process. Sending the clients an e-mail that notifies them about the companies current status will provide more understanding from their side.

a man sitting at his desk writting on a lap top
Letting your clients know about the relocation will make them more understanding of the whole situation

This reduces the chances of your company losing clients and customers because of the move. It will also let them know that their favorite company did not just disappear. As moving usually means upgrading, they can interpret this as a way for the company to evolve into a better one. In the end, this could be a huge plus for you and your company.

Announce the move to your employees when relocating your business in the middle of peak season

The employees are what makes things go around in the office. This alone makes them a huge factor in moving the office. By announcing the move in advance to them, you are giving them time to finish their work, notify their clients and prepare themselves for the future. As it can be a stressful experience, by notifying them on time, you allow the employees to adapt to the new situation better. The good management philosophy is something that can really benefit the business in more than one way.

co-workers at a desk making plans for the future
Holding a meeting and letting everyone know about the current situation will lift the tension from the office

Organizing a move-in party once the office is relocated will certainly boost the morale of the employees and provide them with the motivation to work harder. Employees are the ones who will make this transit much easier for everyone. They are constantly in contact with the customers and know the situation from their perspective the best. Announcing the move to them will make them feel more included.

Make sure no time is lost

Time is of the essence in business. Managing time properly can be beneficial both in business life and with relocations. As you will be working on a tight schedule, make sure planning does not fail. Organize your time so everything goes according to plan and focus on the next thing. By knowing how much time you have to finish certain tasks and jobs will give you a better insight into what to focus on next.

Relocating your business in the middle of peak season can create issues you did not expect. Proper time management can create a clearer vision into the future. This means that nothing can catch you unprepared and thus, nothing will pose an issue when moving. As the peak season is a rush-hour for everyone who is moving, time will be something everyone will be short of.

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