The benefits of living in Summerlin

Welcome to the best-planned community in Nevada. If you ask anyone from Summerlin they’ll tell you that any pros will outweigh any cons. That’s why NV movers would like to tell you more about the benefits of living in Summerlin. Even though it’s a bit more expensive it’s one of these “it’s perfect and I love it or I have it” types of communities. As described online and as we understand it as local movers. We’ve also talked with a lot of people that we moved and we can tell you that it’s the top ten most popular destinations of all time. So let’s dive in and explore Summerlin together.

Welcome to Summerlin – the benefits of living here

This is one of the best places that you can think of when it comes to living. Costs are a bit higher but this community was built only 33 years ago (1990), so it’s modern. This also means that the people who designed and built it thought of everything. With a current population of 48,054 and it occupies a territory of 22,500 acres.  It has two dozen privet and public schools and education tends to be much better than one in Las Vegas. If you’re moving to Nevada for the Las Vegas strip or downtown Las Vegas then this might not work for you. This place is like 20 to 30 minutes away from the strip. Plus another con, in that case, might be the public transportation because you’ll have to drive everywhere.

Las Vegas Strip road sign as one of the benefits of living in Summerlin
There are many benefits of living in Summerlin one of which is that you’re 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip.

One of the problems that might occur is the overall cost the living. But for example, food and groceries are 13 % higher than the national but goods and services are 3% lower. When it comes to housing prices are 68% more expensive than the national average. The overall cost of living is 22% higher than the national average according to the AreaVibes website.  There are certain taxes like general sales tax and it’s 35% higher than the national average, but there is no state income tax so that’s a big deal too. Also, we would like to add that the median household income is $104,280. That’s much higher than the average household income of Nevada at $89,562.

What to do in Summerlin

For its residents, Summerlin offers a wide range of retail and leisure alternatives. The region has a wide range of retail alternatives for all interests and budgets, including upmarket shopping centers and outdoor. Some various restaurants and pubs include live music and other sorts of entertainment, as well as cinemas, bowling lanes, and arcades, for people looking for amusement. Along with a variety of entertainment alternatives, Summerlin has a wealth of commercial prospects, including established office parks that offer a convenient and professional work environment. As local Summerlin movers, we can tell you that numerous enterprises and corporations are based in the neighborhood, giving locals work possibilities.

A man jumping on a bike of the cliff while thinking about the benefits of living in Summerlin;
Biking tricks like this are done by the 5th graders here in Summerlin.

There are several leisure and entertainment options available in Summerlin, Nevada, including more than 250 parks and 150 miles of accessible recreational trails. What local movers Las Vegas can tell you is that people here enjoy biking, hiking, and having lots of picnics. This is due to perfect weather but more on that later. With its 14 churches of worship, Summerlin provides a wide selection of religious alternatives that appeal to various spiritual views. There are nine demanding and gorgeously constructed golf courses available for golf aficionados to select from. One of the three opulent resort hotels in the vicinity is an option for travelers looking for pleasure and comfort. The neighborhood also has recreation centers that offer options for leisure time activities.

Festivals and restaurants in Summerlin

As the old saying goes “you can lie to anyone except your stomach” so let’s find where to eat. The eating scene in Summerlin, Nevada is recognized for its variety and offers both locals and visitors a wide range of culinary options. The choices include a wide variety of prices and tastes, from more formal restaurants to more informal cafes. High-end steakhouse Mastro’s Ocean Club is one of Summerlin’s most popular eating spots. This eatery, which is renowned for its premium meat cuts and fresh seafood, has a chic atmosphere, a sizable wine list, and mouthwatering meals. The Olive Garden is another well-liked restaurant that offers classic Italian fare in a welcoming setting.

a good cuisine is one of the benefits of living in Summerlin
The choice of restaurants is huge in Summerlin.

Summerlin offers a variety of food options and yearly hosts the Summerlin Festival of Arts. This celebration of the arts draws the neighborhood together by presenting artwork, sculptures, photos, and live music and dance acts. The festival is a great spot to have a meal while taking in the sights and music since food sellers provide a wide variety of culinary cuisines. Summerlin boasts both upscale dining options and laid-back hangouts, depending on your mood. There is always something to see, do, and experience in this thriving neighborhood with its vast variety of food options and the Summerlin Festival of Arts. Visit Summerlin to see everything it has to offer if you’re seeking delectable food, fantastic entertainment, and a distinctive experience.

Final thoughts on the benefits of living in Summerlin

Either way like it or not you should come to Summerlin. The main pros or benefits of living in Summerlin are all about enjoying your free time and leisure. You can walk, hike, ride a bike, and enjoy parks and nature as much as you can. Everything is near and you’ll have all the amenities available in Las Vegas and also in Summerlin. As we’ve mentioned if you’re here for the strip it’s a 20 to 30-minute drive. Most movers Las Vegas cost a bit higher, but you should call them as soon as possible. One thing that’ll impact your price the most is how far ahead of your move you’re calling the company. This recession and post-covid inflation are making everything more expensive.  We hope that you liked our article and have a nice time in Summerlin and a stress-free move.

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