Common hidden and forgotten costs of moving

Moving is an expensive endeavor, everyone knows that. But just how expensive is moving? Some estimates show that you can move locally for as little as $1000, but long-distance moves cost around $3000. Budgeting is great for a move, but sometimes the expenses outrun the line that you have set. The hidden and forgotten costs of moving are usually to blame for this. Being one of the best packing and moving companies Las Vegas, our movers will give you a transparent estimate, with all the costs. But hidden expenses are often not tied to the services that movers provide, and we will talk about those below.

What are some common hidden and forgotten costs of moving?

Going out of the house nowadays means spending money. When preparing for a move, you will run a lot of errands, and spend money. No matter how many of those expenses are part of your planned budget, there will always be additional ones. A few dollars won’t make a big difference, but if you accumulate numerous expenses like this, you will be overstepping your budget in no time. So, include the following hidden and forgotten costs of moving in your budget.

  • Transportation cost
  • Unexpected stops
  • Pantry restock
Picture of stacked coins as a reference to the hidden and forgotten costs of moving
Budgeting will help you during a move

Transportation cost

When moving, our main focus is getting out items to our new home. But don’t worry, our movers are one of the most reputable residential moving companies Las Vegas so your items will be in the best hands. In that process, we tend to forget the way that we will travel – but there are only two options, by car or airplane. Airplane transportation used to be the more expensive option, but thanks to the gas price increase of 19.4%, the prices are similar. A local move is only logical to complete using a car, but long distance move will cost you around $300, no matter the option you choose.

Unexpected stops

Continuing with the assumption that you are traveling over 1000 miles, you will likely have to lodge or at least make a stop somewhere. If you hire our moving services Las Vegas providers, you will sleep tight! A B&B facility will usually charge from $130 to $180 for a family per night, a considerable expense when on a tight budget.

Pantry restock

In a stressful situation like this, people tend to put their diet in a second plan. Our bodies will require food during a move like they do every day. Ordering takeout is a viable option, but you will have to cook at some point. Since you will be in a new home, the fridge and pantry will be empty. Groceries increased in price by 9.9%, the same like everything else, and you will be in a new city, with possibly higher costs of living. Moving quotes Las Vegas has stayed within the same price range, so hiring movers will still be worth it. The groceries bill can be at least $100 higher than it used to be, so keep that in mind.

Picture of a woman restocking her pantry and thinking about hidden and forgotten costs of moving
The hidden and forgotten costs of moving can come even from a pantry restock

The common hidden and forgotten costs of moving can quickly add up

Keeping your expenses in check is a very important thing to do. But keeping track of all the hidden and forgotten costs of moving is also difficult. You never know when something unexpected can happen on the road, so you will need moving insurance. It will help you feel secure and carefree. We wish you luck!

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