Spot Moving Scams Before It’s Too Late

Are you ready for moving to Las Vegas? If you are, it’s time to find a good moving company and hire them. Whether you already had a bad experience with movers or just want spot moving scams on time, keep reading. Here are some tips for avoiding fraudulent movers prior to your move and hiring reliable moving assistance you deserve.

What are the signs of a typical moving scam?

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One of the worst ways to spot moving scams is by seeing your inventory held hostage.

Moving frauds are more common than people think. However, just because they’re happening doesn’t mean that you should quit searching for reliable commercial movers. A typical scam during a move can involve various situations. Unfortunately, not all signs of trouble can be seen in advance. Here are some of the most typical moving scams that happen most often.

  • Moving deposit. This is something every person moving knows about. If you ever paid for service before, you know that leaving a deposit is quite common. However, you shouldn’t pay the entire amount upfront, since fraudulent movers can just stand you up.
  • Inventory held hostage. One of the worst ways to spot moving scams is by seeing your inventory held hostage.
  • Moving insurance scams. You paid for insurance coverage but the damage during transportation is bigger than expected? Make sure to set the insurance details straight before the move.
  • Confusing contracts. Moving services should be transparent so every client knows what to expect. Don’t rush into signing a contract with movers before reading it.
  • The unprofessional approach of the moving crew. Although this might not be a sign of a moving scam per se, lack of equipment and dedication of your movers can bring you a lot of troubles.

Should You Accept a Lower Price for a Moving Service?

The long-time question – should you choose quality over price or vice versa? Before answering this question, you must learn how moving quotes work. Right after having an initial talk with a moving company, you will get a free moving quote. By getting a free moving quote, you will avoid unwanted moving expenses. This quote will represent the estimate of the overall cost of the moving services you choose.

Compare two or more quotes from different companies to spot moving scams easily.

If you compare two or more quotes from different companies, you’ll spot moving scams more easily. The price should not vary more than 10-20% since the factors that determine them are the same. Your moving costs usually depend on the distance of the move, size of your inventory and additional services you choose to pay for. Overall, it’s okay to pay less for a moving service in case there’s a valid reason for a discount.

How to Spot Moving Scams on Time?

There is no guarantee that your move will go smoothly unless you hire a moving company you hired before. However, there are ways to spot moving scams before they happen to you. In order to spot fraudulent movers, you should know what to look for in moving companies.

The first thing you should do is to get ready for the move and start researching the Internet. You will see that there are many moving companies near your home and they all offer something different. What you should be looking for is a company that will be upfront about all terms and conditions regarding their service. If you know exactly what to expect from a moving company, you’ll be able to spot moving scams and avoid them on time.

If you happen to be in the middle of the moving scam, there still might be some things you could do. For example, in case your movers damaged the inventory and you paid for moving insurance, you can demand your money back.

A Few Tips for Finding a Reliable Moving Company

After you learned how to spot moving scams, you must know how to find a reliable moving company. Here are some tips that might be useful for your moving preparations.


signing a contract
Don’t rush into signing a contract with movers before reading it.

In case you don’t have a friend or a family member who can recommend you some of the best movers Las Vegas, you can find them on the Internet. By doing some research, you can read tips for finding reliable movers, red flags to stay away from and so much more. Also, you can compare a few moving companies between each other and spot moving scams on time.

Do a Background Check

Once you set your eyes on a particular moving company, you should research their background. Contact people who have had experience with moving before and ask them for advice. Also, check if the company you want to hire has years of experience and if they’re able to handle your move.

Find Online Reviews and Ratings

There’s no better way to spot moving scams than to read other people’s experiences with the moving company. If you find some negative comments and feedback online, make sure to avoid hiring those movers.

Talk to the Movers About the Details of Your Move

When hiring moving assistance, you should be able to talk to them in person and learn more about the service they provide. Make sure to have an honest conversation with your movers about the details of your move.

Ask for a Moving Quote in Advance

What’s the easiest way to spot moving scams? The answer is probably – not getting any moving quote or cost estimation in advance. If your movers ask you for a full amount of money in advance, you might want to stay away from them and search for another company.

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