Packing in a Hurry for Your LV Move – How to Do it Efficiently

In an ideal world, you would have enough time to prepare for any move that you have to take. Moving is a process teeming with the smallest details and individual tasks. And at least three or four weeks is usually preferable for proper operation. But in the real world, life comes at you quickly. Just like packing in a hurry for your last minute move.

There are two main types of hasty moves. There are those in which you do not have much time between finding out that you are moving and the move itself. And then those in which you put it off for too long and find that you are haven’t started packing your home a couple of days before the arrival of furniture movers Las Vegas. In any case, figuring out how to move fast is a must.

Clock with deadline
Here are five tips to help you with packing in a hurry.

Start With the Logistics

The last-minute move can make every task seem both inevitably necessary and extremely difficult to complete. It’s easy to feel paralyzed because of how much you need to do. But instead of letting your moving work stun you, just take a deep breath and get to work, crossing the items from the list.

The first step will be either hiring a moving company or renting a truck. Depending on whether you need professional assistance in moving or if you plan to do it yourself. If you use movers, you are going to need to quickly find a list of top moving companies Las Vegas. If you rent a truck, get offers from two or three companies and immediately make a decision. The sooner you understand the logistics of your move, the faster you can start working on everything else.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need When Packing in a Hurry

The less you need to pack, the easier it will be. And when packing in a hurry, light packing is the key. Go through each room of your house or apartment and get rid of things that you no longer need. Divide these items into three piles: donate, recycle of and discard.

  • Think practicality, not sentimentality. Moving is a great time to edit your things, and a hasty movement gives you even more incentive for light travel. Resist the urge to just pack everything, thinking that you will get rid of things when you unpack things in your new home. It is much easier to sort these items before moving and save your time and energy for things that really matter.
  • Once your piles are sorted, dispose of them. Take the trash and recycle, and leave your donations. You can donate almost everything to Goodwill if it is in good condition. Used bedding and towels can be dumped at a local animal shelter. While unopened, unexpired food (especially canned goods) will be of great importance in your local food pantry.
  • Do you have furniture or other large items that you would like to donate? You may call a charity group to pick them up, depending on availability. Head to Donation Town, enter your zip code, and you will find a list of nearby charities that will come for your neatly used furniture and household items. Schedule as soon as possible so that someone is more likely to come.

Pack a Moving Bag of Essentials

Before you start packing things, put aside a small duffel bag and fill it with basic necessities that you cannot afford to lose in the ensuing chaos. This includes any medications and important documents that you have, chargers, everyday toiletries and, possibly, a couple of changes of clothes. This is what you would like to do, even if you are not packing in a hurry. But, it is especially important with moving at the last minute, when things can become a little more dirty and exhausting. After you pack your essentials box, you can start a large project: packing.

Packing materials
And we will give you some tips on how to pack everything quickly and safely at the same time.

Don’t Think, Pack

Packing in a hurry requires a little less respect for the organization and a little more of just putting everything in a box and setting it aside. The goal here is to transfer all your belongings from your current home to a new one intact. And if a short period of time means that you cannot optimally sort the items or keep a detailed list of where everything is packed, let it be.

Follow these packing tips to pack in a hurry:

Pack now and sort later. Do not worry about storing the same items or having a “theme” for each box. Put things where they fit, even if it means packing water glasses in board games and spare bulbs with the contents of your closet. As long as everything is packed safely, you can sort out as soon as you are in your new home. And you can skip labeling the boxes. But be sure to mark on the box if there are fragile objects inside.

Use soft objects such as socks and towels to wrap fragile items. Satisfy two needs in one piece by wrapping fragile items, such as vases and glassware, in soft items that you still need to pack, such as socks, towels, and clothes. As a bonus, you will also save on packing materials, which is especially good if you haven’t prepared your moving budget.

Set the boxes as you need them. Keep the space as clean and manageable as possible by setting the boxes only when you are ready to fill them. Once the box is full, cover it with tape, get it out of the way and set up a new one.

Pack the clothes as they are. Save a ton of time and boxes by packing clothes as they already are. For clothes hanging in a closet, wrap a sturdy garbage bag around them, starting from the bottom and tying the ropes on the bags around the hangers. Keep the chest of drawers safe and sound. Just remove each drawer and wrap it with packing materials or leave the chest of drawers as they are.

Leave Some Tasks for the Movers

One of the great benefits of hiring professional residential movers is the help you get when it comes to moving. If you have movers, you can leave them some tasks. Just know that in the end, you will pay a little more for packing materials and labor.

Money and clock on scale
But with a quick move, sometimes this is the best way

Moving is a stressful process, no matter how much time you have. If you are figuring out how to conduct packing in a hurry, focus on the big picture and just bring your things to your new home as safely as possible. Unpacking may take a little longer, but at least you made it.

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