Reasons why Summerlin is the best place to raise a family in Vegas

Picking your moving destination is very often a hard decision to make. There are several factors that determine the quality of living in a certain place, and you need to find one that is compatible with all your needs. Things can get significantly harder when you have kids and family moving with you. It’s not only the housing prices, utilities, and food prices that you need to think about. You also need to find a place that’s suitable for your kids. In other words, you are on a mission to find a place that offers great education, has a lot of parks and playgrounds, and has low crime rates so your family will be safe. We at Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas suggest moving to Summerlin. You’re probably thinking of the reasons why Summerlin is the best place to raise a family in Vegas, and you’re about to find out!

A general overview of Summerlin and why it’s so desirable

Summerlin is one of the most desirable places for families to live in Las Vegas! So much so in fact, that it’s ranked among the best master planned communities in the nation. Things that attract families to Summerlin are the spacious properties and numerous parks and trails. On top of that, great schools like Bonner Elementary School and Becker Middle School are all major draws for families. In terms of entertainment and such, Summerlin also has a lot to offer to those who want to move here. Raising your family in Summerlin will be as easy as pie because of the many benefits and amenities it has.

road in the middle of Red Rock
Summerlin is not too far away from Red Rock Canyon.
Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the Clark County, Summerlin has a population of around 97,603. It’s also one of the overall best places to live in Nevada. Those who live in Summerlin say it has a dense suburban feel where most residents, up to 62%, own their homes. You will find a lot of coffee shops and parks- in fact, over 100 parks! The public schools in Summerlin have above average ratings. Because it is so diverse, no matter the age of your kids, you’ll find a way to spend time.
child and parent with dog
Summerlin offers many activities for all ages! .
Summerlin offers many activities for all ages! It’s an especially good place to live in if your family has a knack for sports or just loves staying active. Some of the many activities this lovely community offers are kayaking, bowling, and laser tag! If you’d rather to spend time in the great outdoors, 150 walking miles of walking trails await you. Most of these things are enough to make people hire Summerlin movers without batting an eye. Whether Summerlin will charm you depends on you.

Many people can confirm that Summerlin is the best place to raise a family in Las Vegas

What better way to prove that Summerlin is great for raising a family than by listening to what its locals have to say? Niche states that Summerlin is the best neighborhood to live in Las Vegas. The reviews left by the people living in the place don’t lie, but let’s analyze the reviews in depth.

In terms of estate, the median home value is $328,149, almost $100,000 higher than the national average. However, there’s a rise in the number of newly-built houses with spacious properties. While this means that you’re more likely to find a house to move to, it also means that the demand is getting higher, and so are the prices. It’s said that the neighborhoods and such are well-kept, however, and that there’s plenty of greenery, despite being in the desert.

one of the many parks that make Summerlin a great place to raise a family in Las Vegas
Living in Summerlin is a great choice for you and your family.

Crime rates are very low, and there are plenty of neighborhood watch programs all over the place. Most people speak of the Summerlin community as very kind and willing to give a helping hand to those who need it, and many people who’ve grown up here say that it’s a wonderful place to grow up in. Say, if you’re hiring local movers Las Vegas residents can count on, one of your neighbors could very easily suggest a company like Triple 7 Movers to you!

mover packing you because summerlin is the best place to raise a family in vegas
Summerlin is also considered a very safe neighborhood to live in.

Pretty scenery and views close by are another perk of living in Summerlin. The Crossing Park, The Vistas Park, and the Pueblo Park are only some of the big green areas around. Of course, living in Summerlin also means having access to many nearby walking trails and, of course, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area.

The biggest priority in your life are your kids

And because of that, many people moved to Summerlin or stayed here to raise their families. If this article hasn’t convinced you already, then this segment will make you look for Triple 7 Movers’ relocation services Les Vegas locals rely on time and time again.

“From shopping and dining to schools public and private” as one of the reviewers say: Summerlin has it all. In fact, its schools are probably its main attraction. With around 129 public schools and 95 private schools, Summerlin can and will support any and every career path your children decide to take and will prepare them accordingly. When the time comes to have fun, downtown Summerlin is considered the most charming part of the community, with lots of things going on all the time. From sports to shopping, from dining to adventures… You’ll have plenty of things to do in Summerlin with your family. All you need to do is explore.

family having fun outside
With its many schools, safe community, and entertainment options, Summerlin is the best place to raise a family in Vegas.

So, have you learned the main reasons why Summerlin is the best place to raise a family in Vegas? More importantly, which one of these factors will make you bring the decision? It’s up to you to decide, and up to you to decide who’s going to move you! Triple 7 Movers will be more than happy to aid you in the process of moving.

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