Best wineries in Henderson NV to visit after the move

When you first move to Las Vegas, one of the first things you will notice are wineries all over the place. The state of Nevada started making wine around 1990. Most of the wineries and restaurants serving wine are located in the vicinity of the City of Las Vegas. Henderson is a town just south of the Las Vegas Strip and it’s popular among wine enthusiasts. Even among the many restaurants, there are many types of wine served, prepared in all kinds of ways. If you are a wine enjoyer yourself and need recommendations for a place that you could go to and have fun while tasting different types of wines, then this is the article for you.

Always have in mind that you can always contact the moving services Las Vegas and ask them for advice regarding these wineries. This text will cover and list the best wineries in Henderson NV and its vicinity. Every winery here has its special quality and we suggest visiting them all since they are so much fun. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the list!

Our list of wineries in Henderson NV you should visit

As mentioned before, there are many possible options in the city for wine enthusiasts. There are places here where you can sit down and spend a peaceful evening just drinking wine and there are ones where you can have fun while drinking your favorite wine. You can pick the winery based on your preferences when it comes to the place itself or you can go visit them all and try all types of wine. In every winery here, there are countless options when it comes to the types of wines served, so you can never get bored and you can always try something new.

three girls holding glasses
Visiting the wineries is a great opportunity to meet people with the same interests as you

The Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas suggest visiting the Artisan Booze District. It is one of the most popular attractions in Henderson and both tourists and people living here like visiting it. There are many kinds of beverages served here across just as many places. Since we are talking about wineries we will first recommend you visit two wineries located here in the district.

Grape expectations

You can always drink wine, but have you ever thought of making a wine of your own? This means that you would be able to make the best possible wine for yourself since you know what suits you the most. You can determine every step in the wine-making process and make the most suitable wine for yourself. If you are interested in making your own wine, then Grape expectations is a place just for you! They will advise you and help you make your wine based on your liking or you can just go ahead and try the wines they already have. This is a fun experience and it can be great fun for wine enjoyers such as yourself.

wineries in Henderson NV
Try visiting as many places as you can, that way you will find out what place suits you the most, the same goes with wine

Grape expectations is located in the heart of the Artisan Booze District. You can always contact them and book an appointment, or you can try contacting moving companies Henderson NV and their representatives. They are familiar with the District and they would be happy to help and give you some pointers.

Vegas Valley Winery

Provided that you are not interested in making your own wine, and enjoy just tasting it then there is this option. Quite possibly the most famous winery in Las Vegas, the Vegas Valley Winery is a great place for any wine enjoyer. They serve their wine already bottled and labeled. Everything you try here is unique and it is made right here. They also offer tours of the winery itself for people who are interested in the wine-making process.

The Vegas Valley Winery also has an event calendar for events held throughout the year there. That means that there is always something fun to do and try here. You can contact your local movers Nevada and they will tell you all about the winery and the kind of events held here.

Pine Hollow Winery

We already covered the wineries located in Henderson above, but don’t worry because there are more of them just minutes away from the city. Pine Hollow Winery is located on the west of the Strip and it’s close to Henderson. It is one of the most popular wineries in Las Vegas. They serve many kinds of wine and offer food as well. As for the current events here, there is the Wine About It Happy Hours event every Wednesday to Friday. It lasts for a few hours in the afternoon. During this event, most of the things they serve including wine are cheaper. It is a fun place you can visit even with your family since it is similar to a restaurant, and it has many options when it comes to serving food and wines.

Wine Walk – Lake Las Vegas

This is not exactly a winery by definition, but rather an event held throughout the year at Lake Las Vegas. The Lake is east of Henderson and many events are held here. The one that will probably interest you the most is the famous Wine Walk hosted by the New Vista organization. It’s a charity organization so you will be both enjoying yourself and supporting the community.

glass of wine
Wine-tasting events are just as fun as wineries themselves

The event is an excellent opportunity to try new kinds of wines. And the selection is always rich and positively looked on by the visitors. There are many other activities present during the event so you are surely going to have fun here.

One Drunk Puppy

This is another event held in Las Vegas and close to Henderson. It’s held in the veil room of Silverton Casino. The event is really fun and there’s always a DJ playing tunes and many wine-tasting tables present. You receive a souvenir wine glass and you can try as many kinds of wine as you like. Most people had positive impressions of this event and it’s quite popular with both the tourists and city residents. The residential moving companies Las Vegas can help you buy the tickets in advance since you can save a lot of money that way and it will be cheap.

The end of our wineries in Henderson NV list

That’s about it our list of  the best wineries in Henderson NV and the wine-tasting events. There are even more wineries around Las Vegas, we just listed the ones in Henderson and its vicinity. So if you want even more options we suggest visiting the official website of the City of Las Vegas and getting more information about the possible activities here in the city. We hope that we helped you discover new places. We are always open to all your questions if you have any. Thanks for reading and have fun visiting all these wineries and wine-related events!


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