Reasons to move to Henderson this spring

Around 16 miles away from Las Vegas, Henderson is the second-largest city in the State of Nevada. While not as famous as its neighbor, it still has a lot to offer. From great weather and sights to museums and entertainment, there is something for everybody. Our company, Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, has helped many people move to this vibrant city. And if you are looking for the reasons to move to Henderson this spring, we can provide you with some of them in this article. 

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Myriad of reasons to move to Henderson this spring

Good weather is one of the reasons to move to Henderson this spring 

Since Henderson is located in the Mojave desert, it is safe to say that there are not a lot of rainy days over there. While some people might prefer a milder climate, for those who love sun and warm weather, this is a great place to live in. As one of the movers Henderson NV can offer you, we can attest to this. With almost 300 clear days on average every year, its average yearly temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So prepare to dress lightly if you plan to live there. Spring temperatures are around 50 to 65 degrees depending on the month. This makes it the perfect time for moving, as the temperature is not too low, but it is not so high that you only want to lay somewhere in the shade and wait for the Sun to go down.

Some move to Henderson due to its proximity to Las Vegas 

As the two cities are just around 20 minute ride away from each other, some choose to move to Henderson instead of Vegas. So before you start researching what movers Las Vegas cost, consider whether Henderson is a better fit for you. And if you want something close to the famous City of Lights, but with a more quiet and domestic atmosphere that might just be one of the reasons to move to Henderson this spring, instead of Vegas. 

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Henderson is just 16 miles away from Las Vegas

One of the main reasons people who are interested in relocating to Las Vegas end up moving to Henderson is the cost of living. Housing costs, as well as everyday item prices, can be a lot higher in Vegas. On the other hand, Henderson has a growing economy as well as good schooling options. It has been experiencing a job opportunity growth of 2.5% since 2010, so you shouldn’t lack in work options. And if you can’t find a satisfying offer there, you can always go to the neighboring city. 

Natural sights

The city of Henderson has also been awarded the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation. The award is given by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). For those who love nature, that is one more thing to add to the list of reasons to move to Henderson this spring. Some of the places you might want to visit that are located in or near the city include:

  • Lake Las Vegas
  • Clark County Wetlands Park
  • Cornerstone Park
  • Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • Sloan Canyon National Preservation Area
  • Bootleg Canyon
  • River Mountains Loop Trail

 A lot of these areas are around large bodies of water. They are the perfect place to visit in the later spring and summer months, once you have settled in after your move to Henderson.

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