How to pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage

Most of the time, furniture is incredibly difficult to transport. This especially applies to large stuff. You’ll have to spend some time getting them ready for the transition. It might be difficult to choose the correct packaging materials. Don’t worry! In this article, we will show you some tips to pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage. Follow our instructions and learn how to easily pack large pieces of furniture. After that, you may relocate them with the assistance of your North Las Vegas movers. If you’re moving a valuable piece of furniture, you’ll want professionals to handle it.

Items you need for packing your bulky furniture

When packaging big furniture items, it’s critical to have the right packing supplies. They may be both weighty and delicate. It’s much more difficult if you’re relocating vintage furniture. These priceless things are easily ruined. So, before you start packing, make sure you have the following materials on hand:

  • Supplies for wrapping, such as cardboard boxes, blankets, and sheets. They’re ideal since you can effortlessly wrap them around such products. Once you’ve carefully packed things, you may contact furniture movers Las Vegas to properly transport them.
  • Packing tape and twine strings are ideal to hold things in place.
  • Sliders for furniture are great if you’re moving large furniture on your own, they are a must-have. They function by forming a flexible barrier between the object and the floor, minimizing friction that can make moving heavy furniture difficult, and lowering the danger of damage to your hardwood, tile, or carpeting.
Wrapping tape and strings
To pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage, you need packing supplies

As you can see, the most critical pieces of packing equipment you’ll need while moving your big furniture are the ones listed above. They’ll assist you in carefully packing them and ensuring their safety during the relocation. It may seem like a lot of things to shop for, but you can always reuse some of the items you already own. Nevertheless, shopping sites always have a variety of products and you can find something for yourself.

Separate furniture pieces

One of the best ways to pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage is to break it into smaller pieces. The more pieces of heavy furniture you can break down, the better. This entails removing any removable elements, including cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and the like, so they may be relocated individually, as well as dismantling sectionals and bed frames. If you need to remove screws or other small bits to do this, be sure to place each item’s little materials in a baggie and mark it so you know what to do with them. This is especially important when you’re moving long-distance. Long distance moving companies Las Vegas will be careful with your belongings. However, if you don’t know where have you packed certain items, there’s little they can do.

Pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage separately

What you should keep in mind is that even if you have multiple big furniture items that you deconstruct, you will still need to pack them separately. If you bundle multiple parts together, it might be difficult to manage them due to their bulk and weight. Packing them one at a time allows you to handle them with ease and without any problems. Before relocating, make sure you know how to move large goods. One of the strategies to avoid back issues is to do so.

How to pack a couch

Couches aren’t the easiest items to move, but they are among the most basic. The first step is to secure your property and the item of furniture. This entails laying down a thick layer of blankets or towels and avoiding dragging the sofa across the floor. If you need to tip the couch over to remove the legs or transport it downstairs, putting towels and blankets down can help keep the fabric clean. If the couch has legs, keep them on for extra stability. Take them off if you’re trying to climb a small stairwell or if they’re weak and you need the extra room. You can remove cushions or left in if you shrink-wrap the entire item. Don’t use bubble wrap on the couch, because it slips too much.

Packing bulky tables and chairs for a relocation or storage

Tables and chairs are the simplest items on the list to pack and relocate. You may simply pick up and move the chairs. You’ll need to remove the leaves and legs from the tables first. After that, you can move them. You don’t need to wrap these items unless you want to. After moving, just put the legs back on.

A white table and pink chairs next to a sofa
Tables and chairs are some of the easiest furniture pieces to pack

Packing dressers and desks

When preparing to pack a dresser or a desk for a relocation or storage, you need to know the material from which are they made.  If the piece is made of solid wood, shrink wrap it whole, drawers and all, and get it moving. If the contents of the drawer are too heavy, you can remove the drawers. Wrapping particleboard products add additional stress to an already brittle material. They’re not actually made to be transported, so you might be better off just getting a new piece after you’re done relocating. Nevertheless, there are reliable and low-cost movers Las Vegas, who will make sure that your furniture gets to your new home undamaged. Once you finish packing all your bulky furniture, you are ready to start relocating or moving it to storage.

A wooden dresser with drawers
When you want to pack a dresser, remove the drawers

Stay calm when you pack your bulky furniture

Just because you have to pack your bulky furniture for a relocation or storage, doesn’t mean you should be anxious. You will have more than enough time to complete any sort of moving assignment if you have planned everything ahead of time. It might be difficult to pack large items of furniture for a relocation. You’ll need to consider both correct packing strategies and being safe while transporting them. However, we hope this article provided you with enough suggestions on how to accomplish this task quickly, easily, and without stress.

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