Reasons to Hire Professional Packers for Moving Your Art Collection

Art pieces can sometimes be genuinely priceless, and for the collectors, every piece is. No matter how much did you pay for it, each one holds a special part in your heart.  Keeping them safe and maintaining their beauty is the priority of every art collector. Especially in the case of relocation, when the risks of damages are really high. One wrong move and your favorite painting or sculpture can be ruined without the repair. The best way to eliminate that risk is to hire professional packers for moving your art collection.

By putting your art in the hand of true professionals will save you a lot of anguish. This simple act will ensure a stress-free move and the safe transport of your precious collection. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of the reasons why hiring professional art movers and packers is the best call.

It Lessens the Risk of Damage

No matter are you moving to Nevada from another state, or you’re relocating locally – hiring movers is always the wisest choice. When you have such valuable objects like art pieces, that statement gets even more truthful. Art pieces are delicate and require special attention. While you can try and pack them on your own, the question is – will you manage to do that correctly?

Headless statue
Safety is the most crucial reason why you should hire professional packers for moving your art collection.

It doesn’t matter how much DIY tutorials look at. Nothing can beat the experience that professional packers have. With so many packing tasks behind them, they know exactly how to protect your art from damages during the transport to your new home.

Professional Packers Use High-Quality Materials

Do you know how many packing materials you will need to pack your art collection? Just for starters, you will have to gather:

  • Customized boxes or crates
  • Packing paper, and a lot of it
  • Rolls and rolls of plastic wrappings with bubbles
  • Basic plastic wrappings
  • Ropes and cords
  • Plenty rolls of packing and duck tapes
  • Abundant of different padding and cushioning

Admittedly, the packing materials for your art collection has to be of the highest quality. Which can become a significant expense – something you won’t have if you hire professional packers for moving your art collection. When you hire reliable professionals like NV movers, their packers will bring their own packing supplies.

Most importantly, they will bring the knowledge on how to use packing supplies properly to protect your belongings in the best possible way.

Hire Professional Packers for Moving Your Art Collection and Don’t Think About the Moving Obstacles

Are you contemplating how to bring down paintings from your fifth store apartment since they can’t fit into the elevator? Or how to protect the sculptor with so many sharp angles?
When you hire professional packers for moving your art collection, there’s no need to think about that. All of your pieces will be packed, loaded into the moving truck and transported to your new home securely.

With delegating the heavy and laborious tasks, you will have time to relax and get your affairs in order. Maybe even to plan a housewarming party in your new home.

Sculpture - hire professional packers for moving your art collection
Some of the art pieces can have sharp edges and strange shape.

Customized Solutions for All Your Items

Purchasing packing services from your residential movers will be very beneficial to your art collection. Since it probably contains some objects with irregular shapes, your packers will design unique packing plan. No relocation is the same, no matter how similar it can look at first sight. Especially when you are moving such valuable and diverse items.

Personalized service to all your items will reduce the risk of damage to a minimum. Each art piece will get the necessary attention and delicate handling. Even if they have never seen such an object before, due to their experience, professional packers will find the best solution for its protection.

It’s All About the Safety

You can follow a guide for packing your household like a pro or use unique packing methods, procedures, and rules. However, unpacking your boxes can still reveal a lot of shattered glass, broken electronic equipment, and generally damaged property. Packing your household is a very demanding and time-consuming project that requires a lot of patience. Especially when you have bulky, heavy, or valuable art pieces.

On the other hand, when you hire professional packers for moving your art collection, you are completely decreasing the risk of something terrible happening to your items.
You can rest assured that all your belongings will be packed appropriately, regardless of their quantity, size, type, and specifications. Once again, it all comes down to experience. The one thing that your professional packers have and you’re lacking.

Packers with years of training and experience will safely pack all your art collection with the utmost attention to the smallest detail. With them as your ally, the chances of your belongings suffering damages are almost nonexistent.

Broken mask - hire professional packers for moving your art collection so that won't happen
Don’t risk the safety of your art collection

When you Hire Professional Packers for Moving Your Art Collection, you Will Have Insurance

If you wish to use only the basic moving services, you should know that movers aren’t liable for any damages to your belongings due to improper packing. When you pack your belongings on your own, you are taking responsibility for them. In the case that something happens to your art collection because of the bad packing by your side, you won’t get any compensation.

On the other hand, professional packers from reputable moving companies have insurance, which also mostly guarantees your peace of mind. Meaning that when you hire professional packers for moving your art collection, they will take responsibility if any of your belongings are broken, damaged, or lost during their tenure.

It will be genuinely horrible that any damages come to your belongings. However, in the first case, you will receive nothing except object beyond repair. On the contrary, when you hire professional packers for moving your art collection, such unfortunate event will at least bring you some compensation.

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