Packing and Moving IT Equipment 101

Relocating an office is a great opportunity to expand your business and achieve new goals. Today, various electronic devices and IT equipment are representing an integral part of the workspace. IT equipment is expensive and holds important business data, and this is why it requires more attention during the move. Relocating to Las Vegas soon? Start reading the packing and moving IT equipment 101 tips we have prepared for you, now!

Back Up Important Information Before Packing and Moving IT Equipment

The most important thing to do before packing and moving IT equipment is to back up all important data. Before packing any device into a moving box, make sure to collect and save data from it. To prevent risks, hire experts to take care of all operating systems and back up all data. You can replace the device easily, but not recover important business’ data. Looking forward to spending retirement in Nevada? Find the best senior movers and relocate without stress.

computers in the office
Don’t forget to back up the most important data before moving. If you lose or damage an old computer you can buy a new one, but you can’t easily reclaim information.

Take Photos of Devices

Electronics are expensive. Damaging or losing equipment while relocating will lead to extra costs and budget cuts. This is why you should explore ways to avoid unwanted moving expenses while packing and moving IT equipment. Another way to avoid additional costs is to take photos of plugged devices. Cables are most easily damaged during transport. Before you disconnect them take photos of the way the cords are plugged in. This will help you to connect them later to devices. Pack them separated and wrap properly to avoid damaging during transport.

wires plugged in
Taking pictures of the wires and devices while plugged in, will help you to assemble and connect them later.

Unplug and Disconnect Devices

Before packing and moving IT equipment, check if all devices are disconnected. If you have too many devices in your office, ask your employees to help you check if devices are completely shut down. Don’t risk because you may lose important data and damage devices. After that, unplug each component that is plugged into electricity. And when you finish, take each device apart completely. This includes wrapping the wires, taking off removable parts, separating monitors, keyboards, mouses, printers and others.

Hire IT Technicians to Disconnect Cables

Many devices have various wires and small parts attached. If you’re packing and moving IT equipment from your office, don’t forget to hire IT technicians or experienced employees to disconnect all cables safely and properly. If you don’t know how, don’t risk and call professionals to deal with wires.

it technician in the office
Consider calling IT technicians and experienced employees to disconnect and unplug devices properly.

Declutter Your Office

Do you think that you are going to use all the electronic devices from the old office? Before you start packing and moving IT equipment, make sure to declutter your office. Relocating your business means you are going to have new office space and new employees, so why not new equipment, too? Get rid of all outdated devices and damaged items. Movers charge by the weight of the shipment, and you can save money if you don’t relocate old stuff. You can even sell old IT equipment and earn money.

Get Materials and Supplies for Packing and Moving IT Equipment

Before packing and moving IT equipment, discover where to find reusable packing supplies. Check all kinds of IT equipment you have and find out which packing materials and supplies you need. We’ll suggest some:

  • original boxes
  • various sized moving boxes
  • sturdy plastic boxes
  • bubble wrapping
  • moving blankets
  • packing paper
  • tape
  • markers for labeling

One more tip: don’t forget to remove the batteries from devices and ink and toner cartridges from printers to avoid unexpected chaos during transport.

Pack the Smallest Components First

If you don’t pack them first, you can easily lose the smallest components and parts of electronics. Start packing and moving IT equipment by packing the smallest parts first. This includes wires, cables, mouses, speakers, mouses, USB and everything small. You can easily move keyboards and mouses in plastic bags.

Safely Pack Equipment Before Loading the Moving Truck

When you finish packing small components, it’s time to pack the largest pieces of IT equipment. This includes monitors and system units. They are the most important and fragile items from the office. You can wrap them in one or two protective layers using some kind of cushioning. Put them in the boxes and fill the gaps with extra packing supplies like packing peanuts or shredded paper. Use the tape to seal boxes and start labeling.

Label Every Box When Packing IT Equipment

Labeling the moving boxes is one of the most important parts of packing IT equipment. Imagine how many devices one regular office has? Think about the whole building or open workspaces with 200 employees! Use markers to label the boxes for easier identification and unboxing after moving. You can label the boxes with computers, Ipads, phones, wires, gadgets, and others. You can also use markers to label the wires from devices so you can attach them later.

Store Equipment in a Climate-Controlled Space

Relocating electronics requires more attention than relocating basic furniture. This is because electronics are expensive, contain valuable information and sensitive devices which require appropriate climate conditions. Before you deal with packing and moving IT equipment, make sure to find the best place to store them after moving. IT equipment requires climate-controlled spaces and storage units. Keep that in mind before choosing the storage unit.

Hire Professional Packers

If tips for packing and moving company’s equipment are not helping, consider hiring professional packers to relocate your office. Professional packers offer packing and unpacking services for both short-distance and long-distance moving. Relocating the whole building or a few floors with IT equipment requires professional services. Professional packers are experienced and have the proper packing supplies to pack your equipment and move it safely. For extra protection, you can choose moving insurance.

professional packers loading the truck
To avoid losing and damaging expensive devices, hire professional packers for packing and moving IT equipment safely.

Prepare a Moving Budget for Unexpected Situations

As much as you are prepared for relocating your office, don’t forget to prepare a budget for unwanted moving situations. It’s not rare to lose or damage equipment during transport. Some devices may not stay in perfect condition after relocation. Set aside some money for repairs or replacements. Be prepared for all situations when packing and moving IT equipment.

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