Organize a safe long-distance move during global pandemic

The novel coronavirus has taken over the world. The normal routines of human life have stopped in almost every country. People are forced to keep social distance, work from home, follow rules and regulations, etc. Even though the world has stopped at the moment to fight an invisible enemy, some things cannot wait. For example, relocation cannot wait, especially if your landlord is pressuring you to move out. Then, you do not have any other choice. However, are long distance moving companies Las Vegas still available? If yes, then you need to organize a safe long-distance move during a global pandemic. 

Should you move? 

As mentioned, you cannot reschedule a relocation if you need to move out as soon as possible. In that case, you have to organize a relocation even though the entire world is fighting against the coronavirus. However, if you can reschedule your moving date, do it. You should not move unless it is necessary. The novel coronavirus is extremely contagious and can cause serious symptoms, even having a tragic ending. Therefore, if you have a chronic disease or a compromised immune system, you should not move. In addition to this, you might be wondering about moving companies. Many cities and states have closed down all the “non-essential” businesses. Moving business is classified as essential, thus Triple 7 movers are still operating. Having said this, this rule depends on the state. For this reason, make sure moving companies are open in yours.  

news on the phone talking about the coronavirus
Since the US has the biggest number of infected by COVID-19, stay at home

Organize a safe long-distance move during the global pandemic with professional services 

It would be smart to hire movers, now more than ever. It is already stressful enough to live during the pandemic. You do not have to add moving stress to the equation. Hiring movers can help to reduce moving stress. As you might know, stress is not good for your immune system. People with weak immune systems are more likely to get infected by the coronavirus. Again, many moving companies are still working so you can still reputable movers. Large moving companies are in business while smaller companies are probably closed. In order to confirm whether a moving company is open or not, call them. In addition to this, major storage companies are still open as well. However, you should expect limited working hours and accessibility. You will also need to follow proper hygiene rules, such as keeping social distance, wearing masks and gloves, etc. 

How is moving different now? 

Even moving companies had to adapt their work to the new pandemic. If you moved before, then you know how moving companies operate. However, now, certain things have changed. 

  • All the moving companies have to follow federal and local rules and regulations about social distancing and sanitization 
  • Movers do not offer an in-house estimate, only online estimates are available for now 
  • They need to sanitize truck and moving equipment frequently 
  • Movers need to practice social distancing with customers 
  • They should wear masks and gloves 
  • Their trucks should have hand sanitizers 

You can recognize all these rules and regulations as even you have to follow them as well. Before you hire a moving company, you have to check if they have implemented these regulations. It is very important that your movers are thinking about the safety of their customers.  

Organize a safe long-distance move during global pandemic and use sanitizers
Make sure your movers are using sanitizers

Organize a safe long-distance move during a global pandemic – packing your items 

You should buy all the packing supplies at once. Again, it is not smart to wander around the city as you can come in contact with many people. For this reason, you should call local stores in advance to ask about their cardboard boxes. After you get them, make sure to disinfect them as it has been proven that the coronavirus can survive on cardboard for 24 hours. The same goes for other packing supplies, such as bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. Then, you should clean as you pack. This is a perfect opportunity to disinfect your items. Remember, you should clean your new house as well. Before you bring in cardboard boxes, make sure to disinfect them again. Lastly, you should finish packing at least one day before your moving day. You should not touch your moving boxes for 24 hours.  

Important information regarding a relocation during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Apart from the WHO and the CDC, even the AMSA has provided some important information regarding relocations. When you need to organize a safe long-distance move during a global pandemic, here is what you need to do. 

  • Talk to your movers – let them know if you or someone from your family is infected. At the same time, you should also ask about the overall conditions of movers. If they are experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms, do not let them near your items. 
  • Give disinfectants or masks and gloves to your movers – you should let movers wash their hands, disinfect their hands, and change masks and gloves after two hours.  
  • If you are in a high-risk group, reschedule – again, if you are over 60, have chronic respiratory illness or diabetes, you should reschedule or even cancel your move.  
  • Organize your travel – check if flights are canceled, if hotels are working, etc. 
a box of face masks
You and your movers should wear face masks

Last tips when organizing a safe long-distance move during a global pandemic 

If you want to cancel a move because of the pandemic, contact your movers as soon as possible. These days, most moving contracts are non-binding. Therefore, you will not pay for the penalty for termination. In addition to this, if you paid a deposit, see if you can get it back. Most movers will return the money considering the situation. Next, you can rent a moving truck if you want. Again, check their new measures. Then, if you plan to organize a DIY move, you can. However, you should still practice social distancing. This means you cannot have more than two friends to help you. All in all, be smart when organizing a long-distance move.  

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