Packing tips for moving in a hurry

Ideally, you would want to start packing for a move several weeks before the fact. But things can get in the way, and that option isn’t always available to you. Sometimes, you just have to do it quick and dirty. Whether you’re in the midst of a short-notice move or you’ve just been putting it off for too long, packing tips for moving in a hurry are extremely useful when you find yourself in a bind. So take a look below for some useful advice!

Before implementing any packing tips for moving in a hurry, take a breath and get to planning

The most important thing for you to do is to avoid panicking. No amount of packing tips for moving in a hurry will help you out if you’re just rushing it with no forethought. That’s why it’s vital that you take a step back, relax, and start concocting a constructive plan for your packing. Think of a sequence in which you will pack your belongings and put it to paper (or computer). You’ll have a much easier time with an outline of what you’re supposed to do.

Hire the pros to give you a hand

The most obvious solution for your predicament is to hire professional movers. This especially applies if you don’t know how to pack in a hurry. The experts have done countless packing projects, so they know how to get things done in a jiffy. So if you’re in North Las Vegas, let’s say, call up a moving company North Las Vegas is home to and arrange not only the packing but the entire move as well, in necessary.

Help from professionals is even more recommended if you alone are not capable of getting the job done. So if you’re older or have a lot of things to pack, senior movers or relocation specialists in general will be almost a must. But if you absolutely cannot afford to hire movers, at least ask friends or relatives for help. After all two (or more) heads are better than one, and any extra pair of hands will considerably cut the overall effort.

The hard part of packing tips for moving in a hurry: declutter with extreme prejudice

Packing is usually a long, delicate process that demands plenty of organization. But we don’t have the time for that now. To save time, you should pack as little as possible, which inevitably implies getting rid of a lot of stuff. Therefore, we need to power through the whole ordeal with expedient haste.

To that end, your decluttering needs to be ruthless. While a typical part of any move, decluttering needs to be particularly practical when you pack to move in a hurry. Don’t dwell on things if you’re in two minds: you either need something or you don’t. This is definitely one of the harder packing tips for moving in a hurry from a purely emotional perspective, but a necessary one nonetheless.

Separate your belongings into three piles: one for things to throw away, another to recycle, and yet another to give away to charity or someone you know. By using this simple method, you’ll know exactly what to do with your items. And on top of that, you’ll be left with a much lighter cargo. So when you hire local movers Nevada hosts, you won’t have to pay them as much.

Recycle bins
You can recycle the items that you no longer need

Set aside a bag of essentials before

Whether you need to move and pack in a hurry or you have all the time in the world, you need to separate a bag of essentials. You see, moving is a complicated process, and you can easily lose track of things if you aren’t careful. That’s why an essentials bag is a great idea: you’ll have the most necessary things on hand, rather than looking for them among who knows how many moving boxes. And you can imagine how much of a pain that can be if you pack in a rush.

You should single out the following things:

  • extra clothes
  • important documents
  • medication (as long as you store it properly)
  • toiletries
  • chargers
packing tips for moving in a hurry: a phone and charger
Chargers are essential if you want your mobile devices to keep working throughout your move

Don’t indulge in organization

Yes, it did say at the beginning that you should be organized. But there’s a point where too much sorting will only get in your way. So forget about classifying boxes by materials, purpose, or any common features. That said, you still ought to label fragile boxes

Simple and practical packing tips for moving in a hurry

When talking about packing to move in a hurry, simple and practical is the way to go. You don’t have the time for elaborate solutions that might otherwise do the job. That’s why you need some clever packing hacks that save time and effort.

Many of these hacks are even used by professionals. So if you need Spring Valley relocation services, for instance, you can hire movers in Spring Valley NV offers, and they will likely implement some of these tips if you’re in a hurry. But if you’re packing on your own, here are some simple packing tips for moving in a hurry.

Use socks and towels as wrapping

Odds are you don’t have any wrapping materials lying around. And you likely don’t have the time to go shopping for them. But as it turns out, you do have wrapping supplies at home, though not in a conventional sense. Old shirts, socks, towels – these make fine substitutes for the real thing.

Socks hanging on a clothes line
Socks are very useful for keeping smaller objects safe

Put coats and shirts in garbage bags

Here’s a useful tip for quick packing. Take garbage bags and use them for coats and other pieces of clothing hanging in your closet. Just seal the bags with tape, and you have yourself a nice and quick packing method. You’ll be set if you’re moving locally, but it’s not an ideal solution if moving cross-state, like if you were moving to Nevada from another state.

Take out entire drawers and make them moving boxes

Most of us already have neatly folded clothes or tons of things already organized in our drawers. It would be both a shame and a waste of time to ruin that orderliness only to remake it when you unpack. So why not take out the drawers wholesale and call them your already-packed boxes? Our packing tips for moving in a hurry are all about efficiency, after all, and this is as efficient as it gets.

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