Nightlife in Henderson and surrounding areas for the young

When people think about Nevada, the first thing that comes to their mind is Las Vegas. It is the biggest and most popular city in the state. However, Las Vegas is not the only city with exciting nightlife in Nevada. Henderson also has many great places to go out and have fun. For example, you just moved to Nevada, movers Henderson NV delivered your items, and now you need something to do in order to relax. This something can be trying out the nightlife in Henderson. For this reason, here are all the places to visit. 

The first five suggestions  

Let’s start with something simple. If you are one of the people who recently moved with North Las Vegas movers, you will need some energy after the relocation. The best place to start is Pizza Rock. You can enjoy personalized pizza and beer. You will only find positive reviews about this place. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for margaritas, then visit Lindo Michoacan. Do not forget the food in this place since it is perfect.  

In addition to this, WinCo Foods is open 24 hours. The prices are affordable, the atmosphere is great, and quality service. Then, you can visit Black Mountain Grill. It is a restaurant but with great food and drinks. They even have a bar so you can go here for some nightlife excitement. The last option for this part is a little bit unique. You can have a night picnic in Henderson with alcohol. Visit Lee’s Discount Liquor and buy your favorite drinks. Organize a private party somewhere outside and enjoy Nevada’s hot nights. 

street during the night
Henderson nightlife is pretty exciting

More places to visit for nightlife in Henderson   

When you are moving with teenagers, you should find a place for them to have fun. Since they are underage, they cannot drink alcohol. For this reason, suggest Giuseppe’s Italian Grille restaurant. They have one of the best pizzas in the city. Next, if you are in the mood for burgers and fries, visit In-N-Out Burger. They have special animal style fries. The last restaurant would be Fausto’s Mexican Grill. They have amazing burritos. 

Now onto the bars and clubs. The first one would be Club Madrid. Locals say this is the best place to go out in Henderson. In addition to this, drinks are quite affordable. Then, you can visit the Gold Mine Tavern. This is a bar where you can enjoy great services, food, and drinks. You can visit Drop Bar next. It is one of the most stunning bars due to its interior design. For this reason, it is quite popular in the city.  

people in the club
You can find good clubs in

The last places to visit 

Nightlife in Henderson includes the following places as well. 

  • Grand Cafe at Sunset Station 
  • Osaka Japanese Bistro 
  • Bad Owl Coffee 
  • CraftHaus Brewery 

And many more. You can use this list as the starting point and add more places to the list as you explore the city 

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