Moving with kids stress-free

Moving house is stressful enough. There are so many things to do, such as finding North Las Vegas movers, packing the entire household, and finally leaving your old home behind. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. However, it can be even more difficult if you are relocating with children. Kids need attention. But when your attention is on packing the house, your kids might feel neglected. This can make them oppose the idea of relocation. In order to save your sanity, here are all the important tips when moving with kids stress-free. 

Moving with kids stress-free – tell them early 

When you are relocating to Las Vegas, you should tell your kids early. Relocation is not a small thing, but rather, a huge decision that affects everyone in the family. For this reason, it is important to inform your kids as well about your decision. Put yourself in their shoes. Your kids might be small, but they still have their friends, hobbies, and school. You would probably prefer to know about the move as early as possible. This way, your children will have more time to warm up to the idea of moving to a new city.

In addition to this, you should prepare yourself for tantrums. Even the best-behaved children might react emotionally due to the sudden news. In this situation, it is very important not to overreact as well. Understand your child. Do not yell. Show your children that their feelings matter.  

moving with kids stress-free by playing with them
You can explain to your kids the move through playing

Show them the good sides of the relocation 

Since your kids might not react well to the news, you should show them why this decision is good for the family. You should be open and honest. Organize a family meeting. Gather your family around the table. Tell your kids exactly why you are moving. For example, you can be moving your office to Las Vegas. This means better employment opportunities and work conditions for you. Explain to your children how you will benefit from this. Your kids will have a happier parent. If you are going to have more money, use it as your argument. Tell your kids you can provide better living conditions in the new city because of your new job. Always highlight the positive aspect of your move.  

Moving with kids stress-free by involving them in decision-making 

It is extremely important to include your kids in the decision-making process. The reason is simple. Most children feel like they have no control over the move since it is their parents’ decision to make. However, you can make them feel more important by including them in the moving process. For example, do you need to buy a house? Ask your kids what they would like to have in their new home. Show them pictures of potential homes and ask for their opinions. In addition to this, you can also take them with you on house hunting. Together, you can go and see the houses, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each, etc. If you happen to like one house, let your kids pick a room. In other words, get them excited about the upcoming move from a small town to a large city.  

two kids looking at the piece of paper
Ask your kids about their opinion when moving

Visit your new city/neighborhood 

As mentioned before, you should take your kids to see the new potential house. However, the visit should include more than house hunting. If you are moving to a new city, then, take a walk around your new place. Visit the most popular places in your new city. They might end up liking the city even before the move. These places can include the following.  

  • Parks – children love playing in the park, especially the ones that have various sports fields, playgrounds, etc. 
  • Restaurants – take your kids to the restaurant that makes their favorite food. 
  • Bakery or ice cream shops – kids and desserts. 
  • Sports clubs – if your child is a sports player, try to find a new club for them. 
  • Places of their interest – each child is different. Based on their personal interests and hobbies, try to find a place where they can have fun.  

Be positive when moving with children

It is easy to say stay positive. However, it is not easy to actually do it. Moving is stressful. Raising children is stressful. Combing these two seems like a mission impossible. But negative energy will affect your kids. If your children see that you are stressed out, or in a bad mood, they might imitate what you feel. This is a situation you want to avoid. Therefore, assign moving tasks to your kids according to their age. If they are really small, then maybe they can pack their toys for example. Older children can pack their rooms, clean, and help you gather packing supplies, for example. In addition to this, try to keep some regularity. This means you should try to have dinners together, spend some time as you usually do as a family, go to the bed at their usual time, etc.  

a boy looking at the sign
Be positive and be a role model for your kids

The last things to do when relocating with children 

There are three more things to consider when you are moving with kids stress-free.  

  • Help them say goodbye – your kids will leave their friends behind and you know how much this means to them. For this reason, you can organize a little party for your kids and their friends. Let them have fun before the move.  
  • Ask for help – if your kids are small, you should ask for help from your friends and family. Someone should look after your kids on moving day. Having children around when movers are busy lifting and carrying large boxes is not a smart idea. This can result in serious injuries and damage.  
  • Transition issues – the move is not over when you enter the new house. Try to establish the old routine in your new home. Spend more time with your kids.  

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