Moving myths you can completely ignore

In the case that you are preparing for your relocation or you might have just gone through one, you must have heard many moving myths. Some of them might have made you feel uneasy, while others may not have had any influence on you. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the things that people believe in, in regards to moving that you should really let go of. There are many things that are true about the process of moving. It can be stressful and demanding. However, as one of the most sought-after LV movers, we know that there are also many things that just do not belong in your mind when getting ready to change the address of your home or of your office. So, make sure to bear with us till the end to get ready for your relocation.

One of the moving myths is that you need to move it all at once like family in the image
You can, but you do not have to take everything with you at once

What are the most common moving myths to let go of?

Moving is an industry that has been with us since the dawn of the world. Back in the day, there were no companies at all, of course. Still, people had to move or even lived like nomads. So, making their way around was never going to be possible without help from their friends. Since moving became an industry, things have changed. It started out small and then began to change and develop. Nowadays, moving is one of the essential industries in the USA. Moving companies work hard day-in-day-out helping our countrymen change their residences, while senior movers dedicate their time to helping the elderly relocate and the commercial movers ensure that businesses quickly are back in business after their relocation.

Obviously, it is only natural that different myths are going to arise given the fact that so many people are in touch with the industry of moving. Some of the common moving myths that you need to stop believing in are the following:

  • You have to move everything at once
  • There’s no way that all of your items are going to survive the move intact
  • You should only move during summer
  • Makeshift packing materials beat professional packing materials
  • No need to plan, just act

Let’s find out more.

You have to move everything at once

The first thing that we need to talk about is the overall execution of the moving process. With or without professional interstate movers from Las Vegas by your side, people believe that you need to move everything at once. This is, of course, desirable. However, it is not the only option that you are going to have.

sofa wrapped in plastic wrap
Professional packing materials offer better protection that the makeshift ones

Moving is a process that is not going to be the same for everyone. So, you should really take it easy at the beginning and find out the best way for you to go through it. With that in mind, we need to point out that you do not always need to move all of your items at once. Instead, you could leave some of them behind if the new owner of your apartment or the landlord does not have anything against it. On the other hand, there are many providers of storage space. You could always rent a storage unit for the duration of your move and store a portion of your items there. So, do your thinking before acting. It is going to ensure that you smoothly sail the sea of relocation.

There’s no way that all of your items are going to survive the move intact is one of the moving myths to debunk

Another thing that so many people fear is that their items are going to suffer damage during the process of relocation. Now, this is a righteous fear. All of your things are going to be taken out of their designated spots in which they had sat in for years and moved around almost more than ever before. So, the possibility of them suffering damage in the process is really higher than ever.

However, if you let professional residential movers from LV do their job at their own pace, you are going to have no reason to fear this anymore. Instead, they will provide your items with top-moving protection and ensure that the chance of anything happening to your items is down to a minimum.

sunglasses on a beach
Summer is the preferable time for moving, but not the only time of the year to do it

You should only move during summer

Moving is a seasonal industry. So, plenty of people will decide to relocate during summer only. However, this does not mean that you need to do the same too. Moving in the off-season is a good choice. It is going to keep more money in your pocket while ensuring that you hire the moving company of your choice more easily. Sure, the weather may not be perfect for moving. Still, we are living in Las Vegas, so the weather really cannot get as bad as elsewhere. Therefore, if relocation in the offseason is something that you fancy, you should just go ahead and do it.

Makeshift packing materials beat professional packing materials

This really is one of the most common moving myths that you need to let go of. Makeshift packing materials are not as nearly as good as professional ones. Simply, wrapping your fragile items in newspapers is a good option if you cannot afford a better one. However, it is not going to provide your belongings with sufficient protection while in transport. So, even though it may seem like a good way to save money, it is far from that. Instead, it is the perfect way to get wrapped in additional costs for buying new glassware, dishes, and similar items that can easily suffer damage. If you really want to save money on moving, let professional movers help you with this process. It is the best long-term moving decision that you are going to make.

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