Decluttering before your spring move

You are slowly preparing for your move. You already decided on moving day, contacted Vegas movers, and your moving plan is almost ready. The next step in your move preparation is to find the right number of moving boxes. You can estimate the approximate number just by looking at the size of your household. As you are assessing your home to decide how many moving supplies you will need, you come to realize that you have too many items at home. You can’t even remember the last time you threw something out of the house. For this reason, now it’s the best time to do some decluttering before your spring move. Make sure to declutter before you get moving supplies so you won’t end up with a pile of unused cardboard boxes and wasted money. 

Decluttering before your spring move for the first time 

Saying goodbye to your belongings is not easy and you can always find some excuse to keep them. To stop yourself from hesitating at almost every item you grab, you should also make a plan. Having a plan is always helpful and you can use the same plan you made for decluttering your home for spring. It’s almost the same process so you can use the same tactics.  

Before you start, you should decide how much you would like to remove from your home. You will do the task better if you have a clear goal in your mind. Additionally, when you are about to quit at some point of decluttering, just remember that this will help you reduce moving costs. Nothing encourages more than the thought of more money in your bank account. 

big yellow picture in the living room
Take a look around your house and see what you want to declutter

What room should be first on the list? 

There isn’t a strict rule for which room should be first on the list. You can start with any room you want. However, it would be wise to start with the one that has been on your mind for some time. This way, you will see that decluttering has more benefits than cons. For most people, the most overstuffed room or part of the home is a closet and this could be the same case for you too. There is always some shirt you never wore but you are keeping it just in case. Well, this shirt and many other similar items will make moving services Las Vegas much more expensive. 

Saying goodbye to sentimental items can be difficult. The reason you keep them is the memories behind them and not the usefulness of the specific item. However, keeping something just for sentimental value isn’t worth it. 

Decluttering before your spring move starting from the walk-in closet
Most people start decluttering from their closets

How to decide what to throw away? 

Decluttering before your spring move means making a lot of decisions in a short period of time. The biggest question you will have to answer would be what to throw out and what to do with decluttered items. The solution for the questions would be to declutter anything old, forgotten, overgrown, and also anything you want. What to do with these items after:

  • Sell 
  • Donate 
  • Throw away for good 

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