Moving from Spring Valley to Henderson with family

Preparing a family move is both blessing and hard work combined in one. It’s a lot easier to move with your family than alone. But, family homes usually have a lot of belongings and you will need time and effort to pack everything. For this reason, you should hire Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas to help you with moving preparation. Luckily, moving from Spring Valley to Henderson is only about 25-minute car ride. It’s not far away, but you will still need to organize your move, prepare your belongings, and do many other moving-related tasks.

What do you need to know when moving from Spring Valley to Henderson?

Both Spring Valley and Henderson are good places for raising kids. As you already lived in Spring Valley, you know its pros very well. There is no big difference between population of these two cities. But, Henderson carries a very flattering title as the #1 safest city in America to raise a family. Additionally, it has a good choice of moving companies Henderson NV for your relocation. Safety is a very important factor when choosing a city for your family. Also, other pros of living in Henderson are the following:

  • 300 days of sunshine
  • Stunning suburbs
  • Attractive lifestyle
  • No state income tax

What can you expect from moving to Henderson?

When you are moving to another city with movers Spring Valley NV, you should try to learn as much as possible about the new city. You probably already visited Henderson, but visiting and living there are two different experiences. Luckily, as both Spring Valley and Henderson are located in Nevada, you will still live in no state income tax area. Also, the weather is the same. Henderson has an average of 300 days of sunshine. The only problem is that it can be very hot during summer. But, you are probably already used to hot weather and know how to find relief from extremely high temperatures.

sunny days will accompany you when you are moving from Spring Valley to Henderson
Moving from Spring Valley to Henderson won’t change Nevada benefits such as warm weather

What are the best neighborhoods for families when you are moving from Spring Valley to Henderson?

As Spring Valley and Henderson are only 2o miles apart, you can hire local movers Las Vegas. Relocations under 50 miles are considered as a local move. While it is easier to prepare for a local move than for a long-distance one, yours is a bit complicated as you are moving with a family. For this reason, you will need to make a good moving plan. As for the best neighborhoods, they are Green Valley Ranch, Westgate, MacDonald Ranch, Green Valley South, etc.

How to prepare your belongings for a family move to Henderson?

Families usually have a lot of belongings and you can’t pack them alone. You can hire professional movers or you can get help from your family. Older kids can be involved in the packing process and be a great help to you.

little girl packing hers suitcase
Your kids should help with packing

Communication is the key for a successful relocation with kids

When you are moving from Spring Valley to Henderson with family, it’s important to include everyone in the moving process. Additionally, talk with your kids and explain to them why you need to move and how. You can show them all new exciting places in Henderson before and after relocation.

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