How to make moving with a baby less complicated

Moving boxes and a wailing infant at the same time is going to be a challenge. If millions of other parents can do it (without losing their heads), then you can, too — be assured! We recommend that you prepare your moving logistics and baby-proofing techniques in advance to ensure a successful transfer. Bear in mind these five techniques and recommendations given below in order to make moving with a baby less complicated. Wishing you the best! Feel free to call movers Paradise NV if you need any help on your moving day.

baby chilling
Moving with your little one is quite the task. But if you follow these tips, there’s nothing to worry about.

5 useful tips and tricks to make moving with a baby less complicated

Many of us at Triple 7 Movers are parents ourselves and we know what’s like having to squeeze in packing time during their naps. Whatever age or stage your children are, having little children around adds a few items to your moving checklist. So here are a few tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier.

1. Plan your packing strategy using lists

Make sure all of your baby’s non-essential items are neatly packed in boxes labeled “Nursery.” This will save you time spent searching for pacifiers and toys. Packing the nursery and all of your baby’s belongings last is our recommendation. Extra toys, blankets, clothing, and other items that you won’t need on moving day are considered non-essentials (or immediate days after). Our local movers Las Vegas will be glad to handle all of your non-essentials for you.

After you’ve packed your baby’s non-basics, gather the essentials into one or two boxes or bags that you may carry with you. These are the things you’ll need during the relocation process and wish to bring along with you. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when packing up your baby’s essentials (see below):

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Blanket and their favorite stuffed animal
  • Pack ‘n play, high chair, or bouncy seat
  • Formula, some food and snacks
  • Sippy cups and bottles
  • Extra pacifiers 
  • Car seat and a stroller
  • First aid kit and thermometer
baby eating
Make sure to always have a snack on hand when moving with a baby.

Always keep enough bottles and snacks on hand. The best way to keep your child occupied is to give them something new to play with or an activity they can participate in, such as a toy, an activity box, or even an iPad loaded with cartoons.

2. Keep an eye out for safety risks

Bear in mind that if you’re hiring a van for a do-it-yourself move, your baby’s car seat will most likely not fit in the backseat. If this is the case, just ensure that someone you trust can monitor your infant while you drive the moving truck. The best and the most responsible thing to do when moving with a baby is to hire reliable, professional movers. You have plenty of Vegas moving companies to choose from.

Additionally, keep potentially harmful materials away from your child on moving day, such as scissors, cleaning products, and furniture with sharp edges. If you’re flying to your new home, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) travel requirements for families with children. The standards include specifics about what is and is not permitted on flights.

3. Have somebody to help you

With a relocation, you’re going to require every available pair of hands – including your own. As a result, we strongly advise you to hire a babysitter, family member, or friend to monitor your kid throughout the relocation – whether it is in your old house, new home, or someplace else entirely. While drowsy babies are relatively easy to confine during a relocation, inquisitive and energetic toddlers are certain to be crawling everywhere.

Additionally, I recommend hiring movers or enlisting the assistance of friends if you are able to do so. This way, you can concentrate entirely on your child — rather than on the huge couch wedged in the doorway. Enlisting movers will save you considerable time and will assist you with maintaining a regular routine of feedings, naps, and playtimes. Make sure to get at least a few moving quotes Las Vegas before you choose your movers.

4. Try to keep up with your baby’s routine

As a parent, consistency is essential. Try to keep the baby’s nap and feeding pattern as consistent as possible during the relocation, even if it’s difficult. Children benefit greatly from a feeling of stability that is especially vital during the difficult time of relocating. Consistency is the key to this. In addition, establishing a routine for your kid will help you preserve your own sanity.

a baby yawning in bed next to a plushie toy
Whatever you do, don’t interrupt your baby’s nap time!

5. Baby-proof your new home

Finally, be sure to baby-proof your new house as soon as you can. Get rid of any hazardous packing items before moving in. Pre-move cleaning is another something I suggest you do.  A lot of information is available from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for parents wishing to baby-proof their new house. Here are a few prominent ideas:

  • Use child-resistant locks on drawers that have matches, lighters, knives, and cleaning products inside of them.
  • Keep stairs and dangerous places out of reach with safety gates.
  • Make sure small things like marbles, magnets, balloons, and balls don’t get in the way of kids.
  • Protect your windows with window guards.
  • There should be smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Make sure to change the batteries once a year.
  • Keep an eye out for cords on blinds and window treatments, and make sure cribs aren’t near them.
  • Use outlet covers to cover electrical outlets.
  • Check to see that all medicine and prescription cabinets have locks that aren’t easy for little kids to open.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your new home a secure and joyful environment for your child. Moving with a baby may be hard, but it is doable. Wishing you the best of luck!

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