Move your plants with ease

Are you a plant lover? Do you have dozens of pots and plants in your home? You should have as many as you want since plants are very beneficial for your health. However, when you are moving, your plants might cause you a headache. Even if you find one of the best moving companies Las Vegas, you should not rely on movers to relocate your plants. For this reason, here is how you should move your plants with ease. 

three green leafed plants
Plants are fragile so make sure to protect them well

How to prepare your plants 

Here is a step by step guide on how to move your plants. 

  • Preparation – remove dead plants and branches, dust, pests, and weeds one week before the move. 
  • Change the pots – use plastic pots instead of heavy ones. 
  • Temperature – watch the temperature. Transport your plants in your car. 
  • Do not forget to water plants – during the summer, water plants regularly, while in the winter, try to keep the soil dry.  
  • Know the law – the most important piece of information, some countries do not allow certain species. For this reason, check the US Department of Agriculture website for more information. California, in particular, is extremely strict when it comes to moving plants.  
  • Do not rely on a moving company – some companies will not transport your plants due to possible liability. For this reason, let movers transport everything else, and you take care of your plants. 

Small plants 

For small plants, wrap the pot while leaving the plant open. Put the pots together into one box and leave the lid open. In addition to this, you should pack your plants last. As mentioned, do not have your movers transport your plants. You should keep them in your car. If you are moving in the summer, keep your plants on the front seat due to A/C. However, if you are not moving by car or moving companies Henderson NV refuse to move them, you can always ship your plants. Pack them in a box filled with newspaper. Now you can pad the plant with tissue paper. Next, label your box. Write FRAGILE on it. Also, you can mail your plants, especially stronger, snake-like plants. Avoid mailing your orchids. Lastly, hanging plants are easiest to relocate as you can hang them in your car. 

pink petaled flower
Move your orchids only by car

Move your plants – large ones

Moving large plants is similar to relocating small plants. Protect the soil with cardboard. Taller plants can tilt during the transport, you will have to replant them. In addition to this, you should wrap the pots in newspapers to avoid scratches. Also, you can bind sprawling parts to keep them from tilting. Lastly, you can always ship your plants. However, this is not the safest choice. You should remove plants from their pots, wrap the root in a wet towel, and then in plastic. Put the plant into the box. Make sure to write “Fragile” on the box.

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