Most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods

Welcome to Sin City! One of the most famous places in the entire world, and for a very good reason. Las Vegas is the most popular tourist destination, home to the famous casinos and endless hotel rooms. Adored both by the tourist and the locals, Las Vegas sees over 300 weddings a day! If that isn’t proof of love, we don’t know what is. Las Vegas neighborhoods really are something else, and now it’s time for you to discover it. Our Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are there to help and make your move easy-breezy, so just pick a neighborhood you love! Las Vegas is a vibrant, diverse town and all of its parts have a special charm. Whether you are alone or moving with your family, we are sure that you’ll all enjoy Vegas. Here is a list of the most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods so relax and enjoy.

The Strip

Worthy of the honorary first mention, the Strip is the heart of Las Vegas and one of its most famous neighborhoods. This is the epicenter of Sin City and the place where all great adventures start. The Strip is a four-mile, neon-lit boulevard so prepare your senses! This neighborhood alone has around 65.000 hotel rooms, so don’t worry- you can get a good night’s rest anytime. If you are a fan of action and non-stop entertainment the Strip is the place to be. Some of the most famous Las Vegas casinos and attractions are here, such as Luxor casino. This neighborhood is also famous for its showrooms, where many world-famous artists, such as Céline Dion, perform as residents. The apartments and condos are on the pricier side, but they are all in great shape so it’s worth it. Hire movers Las Vegas and get ready for great fun!

The Strip is the most popular Las Vegas neighbourhood
The Strip is one of the most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods, and for a reason! You will find amazing restaurants, clubs, and casinos all around the popular boulevard.

Downtown Las Vegas is one of the most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods

If you love the Vegas vibes and entertainment options, but the Strip is too much- this is the neighborhood for you. Dubbed DTLV by the locals, this part of the town actually used to be its epicenter in the ’50s. Downtown Las Vegas is full-on revamped now and you can find anything here. Old buildings are now cute coffee shops and boutiques so get ready to enjoy and shop! The Downtown Las Vegas neighborhood is a popular option for both locals and tourists and is home to some of the best restaurants in town. Like the Strip, you can find amazing apartments here and thanks to its location you won’t even need a car! Make sure to check out beautiful retro casinos and cool museums! We recommend visiting the Mob Museum and taking a history lesson about organized crime. Call our long distance movers Las Vegas and enjoy the DTLV.

The Arts District

Located just between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District is really something else! This vibrant neighborhood is a must-see and for some a must-live here. Packed with small boutiques and tattoo parlors, you can spend a day just browsing through and still not get enough. Many boutiques sell amazing furniture, artworks, or even hand-made jewelry. The Arts District is famous for, you guessed it- art, and it’s full of fun street art. Check out the Graffiti Alley and get a glimpse. Make sure to visit on Preview Thursday and First Friday so you get the most out of the experience! This popular Las Vegas neighborhood has rather cheap apartments, but they are more than lovely! The apartments are usually designed in the mix of Art Deco and the 60s style, perfect right? Call our low cost movers Las Vegas and save even more.

vegas street with people and palms in the sunset
Las Vegas is famous as the Mecca of good times and crazy adventures. There really is something for everyone, even if you’re not into sinning.

Henderson=one of the most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods but why?

Henderson is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas, and we have to agree! It’s close to two beautiful national parks: Sloan Canyon and Lake Mead, so quality time in nature is guaranteed. If the Strip and DTLV are just too much of a hustle and bustle you should check out Henderson. Just 7 miles south of the Strip, this famous Las Vegas neighborhood is perfect if you need peace, but still want to be close to the action.  Henderson has a lot of housing options, ranging from affordable ones to multi-million mansions. It’s also famous as a neighborhood with great schools, both public and private, so if you’re moving with your children this is a plus. You can find many parks and walking trails and enjoy the gorgeous view of the entire Las Vegas. Make sure to check out Rio Secco Golf Club and make new friends!

man and a child hiking
Who says that Las Vegas is all about vices? Its proximity to amazing nature and access to outdoor activities make it a perfect place for the nice ones, too!


One of the most loved Las Vegas neighborhoods and unintentionally last on our list is the famous Summerlin. This is the Las Vegas best-selling community, and it’s packed with beautiful houses and magical landscapes. Summerlin has its own (great) schools, a library, an art center… sounds pretty great, right? Houses vary from single-family homes to palaces, so we’re sure that you’ll find the one you like! The famous neighborhood is packed with parks and hiking trails, but it also has a few clubhouses, so you have many options to make friends. Summerlin is close to the Red Rock Canyon so you can enjoy the weekends in nature and unwind after a long week in Sin City.

This was a list of the most famous Las Vegas neighborhoods. Each of them is great in its own way, so we’re sure that you’ll find something to love and enjoy in Las Vegas.

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