How to spot fake moving reviews

Nowadays in the Internet era, we’ve all become accustomed to online reviews.  As in most industries, this one has its scammers and robbers. Sometimes it’s difficult to spot fake moving reviews and sometimes it’s easy. If you want to have a smooth and professional move without any broken valuables, you should gather more information about this. That’s why we here at Las Vegas moving help have decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how never to be tricked again. Let’s dive in!

Why do they write fake moving reviews?

First of all, I think that we all know why these fake reviews exist right? Of course, it’s because the company wants to present itself in a better light or have all 5-star reviews. These are the easiest to spot and these are two main categories too positive or too negative reviews. There is no such thing as a perfect moving company, we all have our flaws and virtues. These are the first red flags that we’ll discuss today. Don’t get discouraged, you should trust moving reviews you just need to distinguish real ones from fakes.

Moving reviews that are too positive

When we take a look at the 5-star reviews we should take them with a grain of salt.  For some bad companies that don’t have a reputation or good word of mouth, this is the best way to lure customers. As a result, customers may believe them and pay the full price for mediocre or bad service. In other words, look for promises that are hardly true like the cheapest and the best service, etc. Let’s say you’re looking for hot tub movers in Las Vegas, you’ll want to read the reviews from companies that do this specific move. You’ll see fake comments that are just overwhelmingly positive with a lot of “wow it’s the best deal ever” for some unreasonably low price.

Girl laughing and sitting in front of a laptop.
You can easily spot fake reviews since they will sound unnatural and they’ll be over-positive.

Ultra-negative moving reviews

On the other side of the spectrum, we have 1-star fake reviews. Like in every business greedy and jealous competition wants to cast a shadow on a good, reputable company. It’s important to also recognize that the use of offensive language or just empty fields with 1-star can be a sign of fake reviews. It’s reasonable that people who have experienced poor service or have been victims of fraudulent moving operations want to share their experiences to warn others.  Also, if a bad review contains no particular or relevant information, its sole purpose is to harm the company’s reputation. Go ahead and read the comments to better understand why the moving company has low ratings. Dissatisfied customers will frequently add specifics and describe their negative experiences. You’ll need to investigate more if reviews look misleading or dishonest.

Too descriptive or too general moving reviews

Yes, another red flag to look for is these ultra-specific too descriptive reviews. Fake reviews usually contain the names of all the crew members or their leaders. They know the specific time when did team arrive “Tom and his crew arrived at 8:14 A.M.”. If the review sounds like an essay with just too many extraordinary details, it’s probably fake. For example, look for Las Vegas movers prices to see if they look authentic or just made up.

Selective focus photography with some words visible and others blurred.
If you want to spot a fake moving company review easily you should check if they use ultra-complex vocabulary or the text will look artificial.

In the contrast, some fake reviews are too general. They don’t offer any real information and they use offensive language. However, you can’t tell if such qualities are well-deserved. Because there is no concrete information or scenarios to back up those claims, it’s best to disregard such messages and keep looking. Always read related remarks first while skimming through reviews, especially if you’re looking at movers with hundreds of comments. That implies you should check long-distance evaluations if you’re going to another nation.

How to spot fake moving reviews by looking at dates and names

To spot fake moving reviews, it’s good to look at the time and date when they were published. Usually, if a company is a bit sloppy it will just put all reviews in one or two days within a couple of hours.  You’ll get 30 reviews within a day which is impossible. If the reviews are also highly positive it’s a definite red flag.

Another popular method is to use fake names when writing reviews. As you could have guessed by now everything is fake about fake reviews even names. After checking names, check addresses since they usually go together. You can also use Yelp to help you avoid fake moving reviews.

Random names are written on chalkboards.
You can spot fake reviews if you take a look at the names and addresses of the people that wrote them.

Check the company’s credentials and reviews on multiple sites

Check another website like  Better Business Bureau (BBB). One extra tip: when you check the company on multiple legit websites and the reviews are similar, that is a green flag. Using online resources to choose the right movers is something that we all do nowadays. For checking the credentials we’ll provide you with a list.

  • If the company is credited check its unique USDOT number through the FMCSA
  • You should check if they are accredited with the American Truck association
  • Whether your move is local or not check with the proper authorities to see if your local mover meets your state’s license standards

Spotting fake moving reviews is not that hard

In everything you do, you must always be attentive and on alert. If you follow some of the guidelines from this article, you will be able to spot fake internet reviews regarding a moving business. It’s important to keep in mind that there are a lot of fake-moving businesses out there. What can save you your time and effort is to talk to someone who had first-hand experience. Word of mouth is the best way to transfer positive and real reviews. But since we live in a digital era there are a lot of websites that you can rely on. That’s our guide on how to spot fake moving reviews and we hope that it was helpful!

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