Most difficult furniture to move

Everyone knows that it’s not the same when moving a coffee table or a sofa. The general rule would be the bigger furniture is, the harder it is to move them. However, the size is not the only feature that determines what the most difficult furniture to move is. Also, the shape, presence of glass or other fragile material, removable parts are other important features of the furniture. These pieces of furniture are not impossible to move. It just means you will need to hire movers Las Vegas and do a more thoughtful preparation.  

What is the most difficult furniture to move?  

Every move has a couple of stages. First, you need to decide where to move and set your moving budget and date. After this step, you need to compare Las Vegas movers rates and choose the best ones for your move and budget. After you find your movers, you should declutter your belongings and prepare them for the move. However, more preparation is required for difficult furniture to relocate such as the following:

  • Fish tanks  
  • Pianos  
  • Bulky furniture  
  • Fragile items  
  • Artwork  

Why are fish tanks among the difficult furniture to move?  

Fish tanks are not very common items to have. However, if you own one, then you might have a difficult time moving it. Small fish tanks that you keep on shelves or tables are not a problem. They can be tricky to move because the glass can easily break. But, if you pack and protect them properly then it shouldn’t be a problem. The real problem is to move huge fish tanks that weigh from 600 lbs up to 2100 lbs. Not only are they very heavy to carry but also they can easily get damaged during transport. For this reason, you should hire Triple 7 movers Las Vegas and get enough quality packing supplies.  

fish tank is the Most difficult furniture to move
It can be challenging to move your fish tank

What to do with bulky furniture?  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bulky furniture can be difficult to move. First, they are usually very big and heavy. If that is not enough, these pieces of furniture are often oddly shaped which makes them hard to store in a moving truck. However, this problem is easily solved by hiring furniture movers Las Vegas. The professional movers will know how to pack and protect bulky furniture. Additionally, they will have appropriate moving supplies to transport heavy furniture to moving truck without damaging furniture, walls and floors.  

Fragile items can be tricky to move  

Fragile items are not only items made of glass or ceramics. Wooden furniture is also fragile as its surface can get easily damaged. For this reason, you need to take care of your wooden furniture regularly. Also, some of these steps you can use before packing these items.  

wooden bookshelf
Be careful when you moving wooden furniture

You can move even difficult furniture without much trouble  

Preparation and good movers are the key to success if you have to move large furniture. You shouldn’t attempt to move these furniture pieces alone as you can easily damage them or injure yourself. For this reason, you should hire movers who have experience and knowledge to move difficult furniture without much trouble. 

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