Tips for packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite

So you have decided to make Mesquite your new home and you are excited to pack and organize everything. Moves can surely be intimidating sometimes. You really have to think about everything, as your whole household is going in boxes and bubble wrap. We all know it can get pretty exhausting. If you feel overwhelmed, the best option for you is to search for local movers Las Vegas. When you think you got everything covered, suddenly it hits you – you forgot to pack your gardening tools! A lot of them… Don’t panic, we got you. Packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite doesn’t differ much from packing other stuff. You just need to be well prepared and extra careful, so here are some tips on that. 

Watering can in the garden
Carefully sort out and clean all your gardening tools before packing

Packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite

Get packing supplies

Go through your gardening tools and get a rough estimate on how many boxes you will need (always get a few more, just in case). Check the sizes of your tools, as the packing differs for smaller vs. the bigger ones. Next important tip, two words – bubble wrap! It is gonna be your biggest ally while packing. Also, make sure to have enough tape and paper to fill the gaps in the boxes.

Pro tip: if you have large tools such as a lawnmower, look for the original box it came from the shop. Packing the machine in original packaging is the best and safest option. If you are anxious about moving large tools, contact moving services Las Vegas.

Clean your tools

When you’ve gathered all your packing supplies, the next thing you need to do is clean your tools. Carefully clean each piece. Make sure there’s no residue on your tools from fertilizers or other chemicals! Use gardening gloves and safety goggles if the tools were recently in contact with harsh chemicals. When all your tools are clean and sorted, double-check if you need everything. There might be something you don’t need, so don’t waste time, packing supplies, and space on it. Sell, donate or gift what you don’t need anymore.

Make a packing list

When packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite, Nevada, the best thing to do to avoid anything getting lost is to make a list. Count all your needed tools and list them on a piece of paper. List smaller tools separately on one side, as they are easier to get lost. When you pack a tool, just ‘tick’ the name on the list and you are good to go. You won’t have to double-check if you packed everything. Keeping it organized will make it less stressful for you. If you find yourself struggling, ask a fellow gardener to help you.

The packing process

Smaller tools

Okay, so you have prepared everything and you are ready to pack. Here’s what you want to do. Firstly, pack smaller tools. Wrap every sharp piece in bubble wrap, use several layers if needed. Take smaller boxes and try to carefully distribute the weight of the boxes. Putting all the small tools in one or two boxes is not a smart choice. The boxes will be heavy and hard to lift. To avoid injuring yourself or the team of movers Mesquite NV that’s helping you, don’t overload the boxes. If you have empty space in boxes, crumple some packing paper and fill in the gaps. This will make sure your stuff doesn’t move around the box while traveling.

While packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite pay attention to showels and other sharp objects
Be extra careful with sharp objects. Use bubble wrap and blankets for safe packing

Larger tools

You want to pay extra attention to larger items when packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite. Larger tools such as shovels, hoes, and rakes should be also cleaned beforehand. The best way to pack those is to layer them on top of each other, with metal parts on the opposite side. Use a rope or heavy-duty tape to tie them together and wrap them in a blanket. Be careful with sharp parts, make sure they are well wrapped in the blanket. You can also wrap the sharp parts in layers of bubble wrap for extra safety

Power tools

If you have power tools such as a lawnmower or anything that is gas or fuel-powered, make sure all the liquids are emptied before moving. Use original boxes for packing, and if you don’t have those, wrap the tools nicely in a blanket. If there are any sharp things poking out, use the trusty bubble wrap to avoid hurting yourself.

Red lawnmower
Remember to empty all the liquids from power tools before packing them


Bonus packing tips

  • Use a toolbox for packing smaller tools. It’s easy and convenient, and pretty cheap. Write down the contents of each toolbox (if you have more than one) for later easy unpacking.
  • Packing a garden hose is pretty simple, unplug and roll it up. Use the tape to keep it in place so it doesn’t move when lifted. Keep it away from sharp tools!
  • If you have a sprinkler system, carefully remove all the detachable parts and pack them in one box.
  • Moving pots can be tricky, so make sure they are really well wrapped in bubble wrap. Strategically place them to minimize the movement during travel.
  • If you have problems while packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite, search the internet for Las Vegas moving help.
  • Use plastic totes or storage boxes to move plants and extra tools.

The best thing you can do to avoid unnecessary stress is to be well prepared for the move. Take your time to plan everything, packing your whole household can take weeks. Take at least two days for your gardening equipment to avoid packing in a rush. Getting all the supplies you need is crucial for packing and relocating gardening tools to Mesquite. Make lists and plan in advance, it will be easier when the time comes. Hopefully, these tips will make packing, moving, and unpacking easier for you.

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