Key differences between professional movers and amateurs

When it comes time to plan a move, particularly a local one, the majority of individuals begin looking for a moving company for their possessions almost immediately. Many people are enticed to employ amateurs who advertise very cheap rates only on the basis of pricing. However, pricing is just one of the distinctions between a professional mover and an amateur mover, and it is not even the most apparent difference between the two. A price, however, does not create a mover. There are so many moving companies, and each one has its own set of price guidelines. You’d be surprised to learn that the prices for some of the top moving companies Las Vegas are lower than you would expect. We will now take a look at key differences between professional movers and amateurs, and you will discover that they extend far beyond the price.

a loaded moving truck
When we talk about the key differences between professional movers and amateurs, the price is usually the first one on the list.

Is hiring amateur movers a good idea?

It goes without saying that it is a very fast and inexpensive way to get moving assistance. You can hire amateur movers via some online classified ad sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist. Actually, if you immediately publish free advertising captioned “Need Moving Help Tomorrow,” you will almost certainly get a response within 30 minutes. As appealing as this may seem, it is not without drawbacks. In summary, hired assistance obtained via these classified advertisements may be dangerous. You may hire an honest worker, or you may welcome a burglar into your house. To learn more about fraudulent movers and how to avoid them, visit this link. We would suggest looking into some other options, like hiring professionals or asking your friends for help. But the choice is entirely up to you.

Key differences between professional movers and amateurs

Not surprisingly, the majority of furniture damage is caused by improper moving methods. Which can result in rips in fabrics, broken or shattered glassware, and scratches on your furniture. Professional movers, in comparison to amateurs, have all the equipment required to wrap and cushion furniture. So it gets to and from the truck safely. Professional movers are also experts at negotiating narrow spaces. They can do it quickly and without causing damage to your things. They have thousands of hours of moving expertise. Professional moving companies, such as residential moving companies Las Vegas, provide you with one of the most valuable assets you can ask for: credibility. Professional moving companies are aware of the impact that a single bad review can have on their company. They will work tirelessly to make sure that you are completely pleased; something that other hired assistance may not be able to do.

A moving crew loading the truck
A professional moving company offers much more benefits and security than any of the amateurs out there.

Pros of hiring professional movers

  • When you are comparing moving quotes, amateur movers may seem like a good option. But, note that a professional moving company will always offer you a detailed quote, while an amateur will most likely give you an approximation with a nice round number.
  • Professionals will come to visit your location to really assess the work to be done. Meanwhile, amateurs do everything over the phone.
  • A professional moving company will offer you a variety of expertise in services and skills. For example, piano moving or pool table moving services.
  • Unlike amateur movers, a professional moving company will never surprise you with additional fees on your moving day
  • Professionals will make sure to use proper packaging like mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, moving straps for furniture, dollies, and clean protection blankets. 
  • A professional company will only send you well-trained movers and professional drivers who are fully qualified for large trucks
  • While amateurs do everything in a hurry, professionals will take their time to disassemble and later on, reassemble your furniture to avoid damage
  • In case that damage does occur, a professional moving company will have insurance to cover all damages or losses that might occur

Should you ask your friends for help instead?

When it comes to arranging a relocation, for many families, asking for assistance from friends is by far the first thing that springs to mind. After all, you can usually call your friends on short notice and they labor for free. Plus they happen to be the people who you can trust with your personal possessions. It makes perfect sense. And it might even sound fun to have your friends help you relocate to Las Vegas. They are an excellent choice, right? Well, let’s stop for a second. Despite the fact that this seems fantastic, there are some disadvantages to consider.

Your friends are not expert lifters. So they are not used to the stresses of lifting for prolonged periods of time. Given that non-professionals take considerably longer to go from point A to point B than professionals, this puts the overall quality of work at risk. It is possible to get away with taking a few extra hours while moving from one home to another. But the situation is drastically different when relocating to an apartment building. When renting an apartment with an elevator, many landlords impose a 3-hour time restriction per booking. If you fail to move out or within the time limit, you can expect significant fines. Finally, let’s be honest: moving day is a stressful time when your emotions may run high; this is a side of you that I’m sure your friends would prefer not to see!

a pile of moving boxes
With professional movers by your side, you will experience the least amount of stress on your moving day.

Ultimately, whether you employ friends, amateur movers, or professional movers depends completely on your risk tolerance and budget. If you’ve previously moved successfully with assistance from your old friends, this may be a fantastic time and a cost-saving alternative. But, if you have a larger budget and require dependable, organized, and methodical movers, hiring experts is the best choice. This is particularly true for those who need their furniture and delicate items packed and transported with extreme care. So, happy relocating!

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