How to tell your kids you are moving to Las Vegas

Moving alone is a difficult process. Moving with kids is even more difficult because you have to think about somebody else too. Even though it can be quite easy, most people have problems. Kids usually do not like the idea of moving. It is like their whole world does not exist anymore. Well, you are there to make everything much less complicated than it has to be. In order to tell your kids you are moving to Las Vegas, you have to be careful and considerate. You can’t just hire the best LV movers out there and hope that you have done everything regarding the move. It is a process and you should understand what it takes to inform your kids that you are relocating!

Tell your kids you are moving with ease!

  • Do not wait until the last moment
  • Have patience
  • Understand their emotions

Do not wait until the last moment

The worst mistake that you can make here is to wait until the last moment. It is not something that you want to do because you will not leave enough time for your kids to understand. They do not understand why you have to move and that is your biggest obstacle. In order to overcome it, you will need time! That is why you should tell them as soon as you make the decision about moving. Yes, they will probably be hesitant at first, but you are the one that will talk to them and calm them.

a calendar - tell your kids you are moving
Talk with your children sooner rather than later

Have patience

If you want to tell your kids that you are relocating to Las Vegas properly, you have to be patient! It is very important because your kids will most likely bombard you with questions. We all know that can be very frustrating. But, you have to avoid losing your temper at all costs! Even though you may not feel like talking, you should. The key is for them to feel as safe as possible! If you are not feeling good at the moment, you can get children’s books to help your kids deal with the move.

Understand their emotions

When talking to your kids about the relocation to LV, you need to talk with them on equal levels. Many people make one mistake. They treat their children like they do not know anything and reject their emotions. This is something that you want to avoid when moving with them. They can isolate themselves and you will have a much bigger problem afterward.

mother and child
Address your children’s feelings properly


When deciding to tell your kids you are moving, you should use all the advice above. It would also be good if you could include them in the whole process, or at least some of it. Yes, you are still the one that hires movers Boulder City NV for your relocation to LV, planning the moving day, etc. But, you can involve them in packing so that they feel like a part of a team. With all of this, you should be ready for a smooth move with your kids to Las Vegas!

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