How to tell the difference between frauds and good deals

The moving industry has become a giant in the past few years. The reason is that people are more eager to move and search for their happiness in some other places. But, that is also the reason why there are so many fraudulent movers that have only one goal: to take your money! It is not something that you want to experience because you could end up losing all the money you saved for the relocation. It is easy to hire movers Las Vegas, but it is a much harder job to check them and see whether they are reliable. You should learn the difference between frauds and good deals and save yourself from unnecessary troubles!

Understand the difference between frauds and good deals

  • The license
  • Paying in advance
  • Paying extra fees

The license

License is the first step and a prerequisite that you should look for in order to understand the contrast between fraudulent movers and the proper ones. All moving companies need to have a proper license to work. They just can’t work without them and you should know that. In other words, if you find movers that you would like to hire, be sure to check the license. If they do not have one, you should know that they are most likely scammers and that you will be in great danger if you try to do business with them. It is quite easy to find out whether the company has a license. A USDOT number is what you are looking for and the check takes only a couple of minutes. That means that you can find professional assistance on short notice without a problem!

man signing documents - the difference between frauds and good deals
All moving companies need to have a license to work

Paying in advance

The difference between frauds and good deals may not be clear if you do not know what to look for. For instance, one of the biggest signs you need to catch is if they request large upfront payments. Most people do not see anything irregular in this. On the other hand, if you already pay for everything, nobody guarantees that you will get the service you requested. The company could just bail on you and you will be left with nothing. The best movers Las Vegas will never ask you for anything in advance. You have a complete control and after the move ends, you just pay what you owe and that is all.

You are not obliged to pay in advance!

Paying extra fees

You should not pay any extra fees when hiring a moving company. If there are some, you need to know about them. If not, they are hidden and that is something where the movers can take advantage of you. It is actually one of the top moving scams you can experience. The company could charge you more than it was previously stated. You should always ask about any fees that you could pay after the relocation ends.


The difference between frauds and good deals is not always clear. There are so many little things that should signal you that something is not right. Of course, some are just more basic. We presented a few of the most basic differences where you can instantly know that something is off. You will not waste time on the wrong company. We know that you will use this advice well and find the company that suits you best!

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