How to spend New Year’s in Vegas

You decided on spending the New Year’s in Vegas! That is awesome! Maybe you are moving this time of year and it is convenient. Or you just want to pay a visit and have an amazing time. Whatever is the case, the only thing you are missing here is a guide on the best ways to do it. Let us help you with that one and if needed, to help you find the best LV movers to relocate you safely and affordably. Let us begin.

Are you moving or visiting?

In case you are moving to Vegas and at the same time, you must find a place to spend New Year’s in Vegas, here are a few tips. You must organize accordingly, pack safely, and hire movers Mesquite NV. Start by creating a moving checklist that will contain all the moving steps ahead. Then, inspect all your belongings and form a packing plan. Figure out how many materials you need to pack adequately. Once you have this info, you can calculate the moving budget and start looking for a moving company.

The best way to find movers is to search online. You’ll find many eligible choices and to pick one, you should do a bit of research. You should check out their website and be sure they have a physical address and contact info displayed. Also, you must read reviews, compare prices, and review moving services Las Vegas. And when you have all the details, call your movers and ask if they are licensed and if they possess the tools and the means to relocate you safely. Furthermore, movers will help you evaluate the whole relocation project much better and provide precise estimates. So, be sure to pick a reliable moving company, and you won’t have trouble at all.

Downtown Plaza firework

Due to the pandemic situation, most of the fireworks are canceled as well as some of the parties around the city. But one firework event still stands. Yes, you guessed it right, the Downtown Plaza firework is the hallmark of New Year’s in Vegas. As per usual, some parts of the Main street will be closed for the occasion. But if you want to get a better view, you can book a room at one of the hotels in the area. Check your options online to check the availability and schedule everything on time.

Las Vegas Downtown
Hopefully, you’ll have enough time before the big night to roam around and get to know the place.

Attending one of the parties is a viable way of spending New Year’s in Vegas

Now, as you already know, Las Vegas is THE party destination of America. Not only for the New Year’s but throughout the year. This means you won’t have any issues finding a place to have a blast. We must recommend checking out the Freemont Street Experience, a midnight street party. It is the official New Year’s party of LV and if you are looking for a party, you shouldn’t miss this one out. But you have an abundance of choices at all the restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos. Although, in most cases, you must call in advance and make a reservation because they are all booked tight a week before the 31st.

Hit the nightclub!

Yes, you can still hit one of the nightclubs at the Strip and have an amazing night in LV. Of course, with the social distancing, mask, and all safety measures applied. Some clubs are currently closed entirely while most of them organized lounge parties and change a few things around. And to attend such a party you must contact the club you are interested in and make a reservation. We will list down a few most popular choices worth checking out:

  • Cosmopolitan – Marquee
  • Wynn Encore – XS
  • Venetian – Tao
New Year's Eve party
Browse and find a party that suits you the most. Las Vegas hosts more than you can imagine.

Keep in mind that almost every hotel in Vegas has a nightclub or a restaurant as well. And you can choose whichever you see fit. It does not have to be one on the Strip. If you are attending with a limited budget, maybe it is even better to attend something less popular and much cheaper.

Maybe spending a night at the restaurant is a way for you to spend New Year’s in Vegas

As for any other event, restaurants will demand a reservation for sure. Especially on the busiest night of the year. You should give them a call at least a week in advance, but if you call them a day or two before New Year’s, you might find an open spot because people cancel all the time. So, we recommend for you to figure out the restaurant you like the most and then start searching for the hotel in the vicinity. Or it can be a restaurant in the hotel if you like. If that is the case, you can’t miss Palazzo, Cosmopolitan, and Flamingo as they have restaurants beyond expectations. Top-notch food and the highest level of service awaits you there.

You will easily find enough places to spend New Year's in Vegas Strip
All you need is located on the Las Vegas Strip. Check it out.

Other notable ones are Zuma, Top of The World, Sparrow + Wolf, LAVO, Mon Ami Gabi, and Eiffel Tower. But you will surely find many more and fall in love with the cuisine you can find here. Then all that is left for you is to find quality real estate in Vegas and make your moving preparations. Once you spend a night in Vegas, you’ll consider becoming a permanent resident.

Good luck at the Casino!

You are probably wondering, why are we talking about Vegas and no one is mentioning casinos? Do not worry, there will be plenty of time and room for such activities. Of course, if you are ready for it. Hence, you should know that most of the hotels and establishments have a casino linked to them. You can’t walk straight for more than 20 seconds without finding one. So, this one we will leave entirely for you to decide. All we can do is wish you luck in your games. Hopefully, you’ll stay safe and have fun above all.

And those were a few suggestions on how to spend New Year’s in Vegas. We must admit that this is a vast area to explore and you’ll have many choices in front of you. Hopefully, we made it a bit easier at least for those who are relocating and have no time to browse their options. Now you can find an event for you and start packing for moving. And do not worry, you’ll get there on time as long as you pick up the phone and make reservations at the earliest. Good luck, have fun, and happy holidays!

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