How to help your senior parents on moving day

Moving as a senior citizen can be quite dangerous. For this reason, if your parents are planning to move, you need to help them as much as you can. This means finding suitable senior movers for them. As you might know, relocating your entire household is difficult even for younger people. Seniors do not have as much strength as younger people due to their age. In addition to this, if they end up sustaining some type of moving injuries, it can be quite difficult for them to recover. Therefore, here is how you should help your senior parents on moving day. 

Prepare their things for relocation 

Before the moving day, you should help your seniors to declutter their home. Why is it important to declutter the home before your location? First of all,  moving costs would be much lower since you will have fewer things to relocate. This is extremely important if seniors are moving since their pensions are not as high as salaries. Second of all, it is going to be much easier to relocate without so many things. 

As for the moving day itself, you should be there when a full service moving company Las Vegas come to pick up your parents’ items. Make sure you’ll be the one to call movers to confirm moving arrangements. Maybe they as well ask you to do certain things around the house in order to prepare for their arrival. You should be the one doing those tasks and let your senior parents rest. 

grandma taking photos
Make sure to pack their things with care

Help your senior parents on moving day by preparing the house 

Usually, before movers’ arrival, you should prepare items and house. Since you need to help seniors relocate, you should do all the difficult tasks around the house. First of all, you need to make sure that every item is properly packed. Then, you need to make a clear pathway for the movers. This is especially important when movers will carry heavy or large items. In order to avoid any injuries, property damage, or any kind of damage to your items, you need to make sure that movers can easily enter or exit the house. 

In addition to this, after movers leave, help your senior parents clean the house. As you might know, if it’s raining or snowing outside, movers will bring inside dirt and mud. It can be quite challenging to remove mud and dirt from carpets and upholstery. For this reason, you need to clean before you move out, especially if your parents were renting the place. 

grandma washing the dishes
Help your parents clean the house after moving

How to make their transition easier? 

As you can see, these would be the best ways to help your senior parents on moving day. Here are a couple more ways. 

  • help movers with loading the truck 
  • prepare lunch and refreshments for both your family and movers 
  • inspect the house after movers leave 
  • check if everything is packed and taken away.

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