How to protect your walls when moving large items?

When you are moving, the top priority is to transport your items safely to the moving truck. In the process of transporting your items, you might accidentally damage the floors or the walls of your current home. Moving is already stressful enough and you don’t need to add another one. Damage done on your walls and floors will only pose a problem for you. The damage usually occurs while moving large items. You can’t leave your walls in this damaged state. Just on the contrary, you will have to fix them, and it will be expensive. For this reason, you should find ways to protect your walls when moving large items. Another good tip is to hire a moving company North Las Vegas as they have more experience and better equipment. 

Careful planning is the way to protect your walls when moving large items 

You might wonder what careful planning has to do with protecting your walls. However, you should know that a good plan also includes planning how to protect walls during the move. Rushing won’t help you speed up the moving process. On the contrary, you will only make more mistakes if you are in a hurry. For this reason, you should make a good plan on how to transport large items without damaging your walls. 

Before you start moving large items, you should clear the exit. This means you should clear a pathway from any boxes, chairs, tables, small items, or anything that can be an obstacle. After this step, you should measure your doors and large items to see if they will pass. If measurements don’t add up, you will have to disassemble some furniture. 

move furniture to protect your walls when moving large items
You should clear the pathway when moving large items

Have some helpers around

If your large items can’t fit through the door frames, you will have to disassemble them first if it’s possible. You should know that this is something you should not ask your movers to do, and you will have to do it yourself. Before the moving day arrives, you should inspect your furniture and see the following.

  • The size of large items 
  • What can be disassembled
  • Decide what you are going to move 

When it comes to moving large items, you can’t do it alone. You will need some serious help either from friends or movers. However, if you have a large number of bulky items to move, it will require more manpower. Check Las Vegas movers rates as you will need more competent manpower.  

grey sofa with blue pillows
Try to disassemble a large piece of furniture

Wrap large items with protective material 

Wrapping large items with blankets or bubble wrapping will not only protect them but also it will protect your walls when moving large items. You should wrap any large item that you have but especially the ones you can’t disassemble. This way, if you accidentally hit a wall during the transport, your wall and items will be protected by bubble wrapping or blanket. You can use tape or rope to secure protective material on the items. This way, it won’t accidentally slip during transport and cause damage. 

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