Packing glass statues for the move

Packing your belongings for the move, no matter what they are, is something you want to get done with as quickly and efficiently as possible. The endless packing is probably the most inconvenient thing about moving. But as time-consuming as the packing can be, it can also be as delicate and demanding. Especially if you insist on doing it by yourself and don’t want to hire professionals to do it for you. In the end, the result of that effort is what counts, as your main priority is to have your things undamaged and safely moved. Remember, hiring professionals like movers Las Vegas that can do that for you is always a viable option, and you’re only a call away from it. Still, if for some reason you hesitate, here are some suggestions that will surely make packing glass statues for the move much easier a task.

Packing valuables is not as hard as you may think

Of course, it is not the same if you’re packing some of your kid’s plushy toys or if you’re packing glass statues for the move. You know perfectly well how fragile and delicate your glass statues are, and you definitely want to make sure that nothing will go wrong during the move. Don’t let the delicacy of your task intimidate you. If you plan your steps carefully, you will be able to pack your glass statues like a professional and ensure their safe move from one place to another. Still, it is not a bad idea to inform yourself what to do, just in case your items break during the transfer.

Glass dolphins that are just a part of packing glass statues for the move
Remember that your glass statues are very fragile

Make packing glass statues for the move as efficient as possible

Your glass statues are very fragile. Even when they are just standing in their safe place at your home, every child or a pet that your friends bring together with them while visiting is a potential threat. Just one wrong move or a moment of carelessness, and that potential danger may materialize itself, as your glass statues break into thousand pieces. Considering that your main concern is to have them safely moved and transferred to another place, your first assignment is to scour the internet for some tips and tricks on how to do this. The real market price of your glass statues is of secondary importance in this case. Indeed, their importance for you usually transcends and goes way beyond their monetary value.

The first thing on your checklist when packing glass statues for the move

First things come first. In order to pack your glass statues safely, you will have to supply yourself with enough boxes, tapes, and labels. On top of all that, you’ll need enough material to wrap your glass statues with. For this purpose, you can use different materials – bubble wrap, foam peanuts, fabric, paper, sponge, etc. Surely you’ve got some of these laying around your home, attic, or garage. They were probably just waiting for this opportunity to be finally used for something. That said, and considering that wrapping glass statues is extremely delicate, you might still need to buy or lend some more.

Picking the right boxes is important

Though this may sound trivial, it is of utmost importance to choose between the boxes you have and to pick the box of the proper size for each of your glass statues. The right box for your glass statue has to be a little bigger than your statue is, but not too big. Otherwise, you will have to use all your cushion material just for that one, and you don’t want that. Whenever you can, try to avoid packing multiple statues in one box for the same reason, but also because of their safety.

A couple holding boxes
Pick the box of the proper size for each of your glass statues

How to handle larger glass statues?

The glass statues that are a bit bigger than normal must be treated with special care. Finding a proper box in these situations can be an almost impossible task. You can try to find free moving boxes, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed. In that case, you may then just have to use more wrapping material than initially planned, to compensate for the absence of a box. A useful tip in these situations would be to use more wrapping tape. It will contribute to the firmness and physical isolation of your glass statue.

Patience is the key when packing

When you have chosen a proper box for each of your statues, arm yourself with enough patience to do the delicate job of packing them. This can be done either do by yourself or you can hire professional movers like out of state movers Las Vegas, that can help you even if you’re packing glass statues for the interstate move.

Man sealing a box with tape
Packing glass statues for the move may sound more complicated than it actually is

A brief checklist to help you properly pack 

Follow these quick instructions and you’ll pack your glass statues in no time, without going through unnecessary hassle:

  • Start with smaller glass statues and find adequate boxes for them;
  • Boxes for packing glass statues for the move should be just a little bigger than the statues themselves;
  • Use wrapping material such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts, fabric, paper, sponge to cover the whole statue twice. Make sure that you have protected it enough;
  • Secure the wrap with wrapping tape. You can do it twice as well, for safety reasons;
  • Put your wrapped glass statue in the right box and seal it with packing tape;
  • Don’t forget to label the box properly, and be sure to put the label “fragile” on it.

Preparing for the move is less complicated than it sounds

Because of their fragility and the delicacy of their packing and transferring, glass statues are not something you want to take with you when moving in a hurry. Furthermore, it takes time and patience to prepare for their proper packing and labeling. Still, packing glass statues for the move may sound more complicated than it actually is. If you’re planning to do this delicate job by yourself, just make sure to prepare meticulously and thoroughly. With good organization and precise and patient execution, you will be able to transfer your glass statues safely wherever you want to.

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