How to properly compare moving estimates

Relocation is a difficult process in which you have an abundance of things you need to do. This can become quite overwhelming really fast. That is why one of the easiest ways to go through it is to hire moving company North Las Vegas which can help you pack and relocate with ease. However, would you know to properly compare moving estimates once you opt for hiring a moving company? Well, in this article we will help you determine what type of a moving estimate is the best for you and how to recognize it.

How can you properly compare moving estimates?

Moving estimates are a way for movers to help you determine how much the whole moving process will cost. They are a good indicator of how much money you will have to spend and how much labor the moving company will need to finish the job. It can play a huge part in how you manage your budget and help you create it. Now, there are two ways a moving company can help you determine the moving estimate:

  • Online estimate – Using video-chat, a moving company can help you determine the cost of the move (is not quite reliable as in person)
  • In-home estimate – A moving company agent will come to your home and estimate the amount of work, weight and cost of the move.
a person writting something on a paperclip to properly compare moving estimates
Although you have the option to do a virtual estimate, having an agent come in-person is the most reliable way

The second estimate is more reliable than the first one. Online estimates are a good way to estimate during the pandemic and if you are short on time. None-the-less, you should always try and opt for the in-home estimate.

Do the research

Doing research is the most important part of the move in general. Do not settle for a single moving company from the start. Start exploring your options and compare the offers they make. This is the best way to know approximately what you are dealing with. Moreover, it will help you properly compare moving estimates. Knowing what kinds of offers are out there will help you determine the middle line and give you an approximate amount you will have to spend. Knowing the middle ground is the best way to determine the range of prices these types of moves have. Having an assumption on what the cost might be will help you separate fraudulent from good deals.

To properly compare moving estimates – call the movers

Calling the moving companies is a simple way to get all the information you need. If you did the research, you can give the moving company a call just to confirm your estimates. Of course, you should do this with more than just one company. Namely, start calling companies you choose and see which one is the closest to your budget. Have in mind that this step will help you determine whether or not a company is true to their information or not.

a person talking on the phone in their living room
Talking to the moving company is the best way to gather all the information you need

Valid moving companies will have no problem sharing all the information about services and moving with you. This is the key distinction between a fraudulent moving company and a valid one. For instance, if you hire low-cost movers Las Vegas, you can get moving quote according to your items.

If the offer is too good to be true – be careful

Many fraudulent companies will do anything in their power to draw customers to their service. That usually means that they will offer things they cannot deliver. Moreover, this is the first telltale sign that the company has malicious intent and is trying to trick you. Because the relocation is overwhelming, a fraudulent moving company will try and sugarcoat the situation for you by making offers which are impossible to resist. However, if you have the experience, you will know that moving a house costs money and no-one is doing it for free – practically. Understanding that this is a process that requires you to create a budget is key to not getting scammed. Moreover, a professional company will be direct and not sugarcoat the situation.

Write all the estimates down on a piece of paper

Write every offer down on a piece of paper. This will give you a sense of control over the situation. Moreover, it will allow you to stay focused and not get confused by the prices and offers. Writing down the names of companies with their offers is a good way to both evaluate their legitimacy and create a distinction between the offers. Ultimately, you know how much items you have and having a low-cost offer is usually a bad sign. A moving company with a license will always be professional and take matters seriously. This means that they will gladly show up to your home with a team of experts to evaluate the cost and manpower that is required. This is the best way to determine your moving budget and not go over it.

Consider taking recommendations from relatives or friends

The best way to secure a good relocation experience from a valid moving company is to listen to someone with experience. For instance, if any of your friends or relatives were moving in the near past, they can give you a piece of advice on what to expect. Moreover, they can recommend a good moving company that is secure and valid.

a couple of friends sitting by the table discussing something
The experience your friends had can help you determine which moving company provides the best estimates and services

You can even utilize their experience from the move to prepare for it the best way you can. A job well done from a moving company will always have someone talking about it and this is the best way to know who to choose. If your friends or relatives were using the service of a certain moving company – contact them and hear about their experience.

To properly compare moving estimates choose well-known moving companies from your area

The well-known moving companies from your area are well-known for a reason. Firstly, they will provide you with all the services you need. Secondly, their evaluation of moving quotes is a solid piece of information which will bring you closer to the reality of the situation. Meaning that they will offer you a true and valid offer based on how much items you have, the distance you have to go and the weight of your items. Well-known moving companies have a good reputation and for a good reason. They will not risk anything to tarnish that reputation. Moreover, you can collect information for several well-known companies to see which one is the best choice for you.

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