What to do if your items break during the transfer

Did you just arrive at your new home and found out certain items are broken? Do you need advice on what to do if your items break during the transfer? Luckily, in this article, we will share with you some advice on what you can do to soothe the situation and remain calm. For instance, hiring North Nevada movers is an easy way to secure your items and have a positive relocation experience. Certain items in our possession have sentimental value and we want to protect them at all costs. Unfortunately, sometimes this is out of our reach. So, when that happens, what can we do to?

What can you do if your items break during the transfer?

Although there are many ways in which we can prevent things like this from happening, nothing can guarantee that it will not happen. If this is your first time packing for a move, you can consult our first-time packing guide to help you prepare for the whole process. None-the-less, even if we take all the precaution measures, certain items might break during the transport phase. So, what can we do to soothe this? Here are some basic tips on what you can do:

  • Make sure your most valuable possessions are secured
  • Sign an insurance policy for your items
  • Unpack as soon as possible
  • Take a picture of the damage
  • Do not throw away items
shattered glass on a black surface
Broken items can induce stress and create financial tolls for the person moving

Items that have larger value to us should have good protection. If your items break during the transfer you need to remain calm and approach the situation the smartest way.

Secure your most valuable possessions

Some items have a big sentimental value to us and therefore, you cannot put a price on them. The best thing you should do, as a precaution, is to do everything you can to protect these items. Usually, these items have no monetary value and their damage poses an emotional toll. Because of that, you should aim to protect these items the best way you can. For instance, you can wrap them in soft material, apply bubble wrap or styrofoam. Losing certain items can induce stress. However, if you hire moving companies Henderson NV you can lower the chances of that happening. Moving with a professional company is much safer than doing it yourself.

Sign an insurance policy to protect your items

Insurance policies are the best and safest way to protect your items when moving. This can be done directly with the moving company or it can be done with a third-party insurance company. Moving insurance helps you protect your items and get reparations in case of an accident. Depending on how many breakable items you move, you should think about is moving insurance worth it.

a calculator on top of an insurance policy document to sign if your items break during the transfer
Signing an insurance policy is the best way to protect your items during the move

Because if you have a lot of breakable items, it is likely that you will pay a larger fee for them. On the other hand, this can be a good thing. Paying a good amount of money to protect your items can even save you money. Certain items are expensive, which can cost you even more if you do not insure them.

Unpack as soon as possible to see if your items break during the transfer

The best way to see if you have any damage to your items is to unpack as soon as you can. Firstly, noticing damage right away will give you time to notice the movers. Secondly, you can immediately try and fix the situation on the first day of the move. Noticing damage as soon as possible is the best way to find a fix for it. Whether it is by contacting your insurance company or movers or planning on how to replace the item. Certain items require professional handling in order to maintain their longevity. So, make sure to be smart about protecting your items and leave the complex things to professionals.

Take a picture of the damage

By taking a picture of the damage on your items you ensure the evidence of them breaking. However, you should do it as soon as you spot the damage. It is advisable that you do it on the first day in your new home. Because you will be able to notify the movers right away and not feel sketchy about it. A picture is going to be your evidence of the damage. If you signed an insurance policy, it will secure you a new item or pay for the reparation.

Do not throw away items

Regardless of what value the broken item has for you, you should not throw it away until the situation is clear. If you, by any chance, throw the item away you will have no evidence of it breaking. Moreover, it will cause more headache and stress than the damage did. So, make sure you put the item away and save it in case you need evidence of it breaking. If you have an insurance policy, this item will be the way you can get back your money for the item or even determine the repair costs of it.

Remain calm if your items break during the transfer

Staying calm is the best thing you can do in this situation. We understand that the whole situation might be very stressful for you, but staying calm is the smartest thing you can do. Stress can make us say and do things without thinking and this can pose issues with the insurance policy or moving company. Most importantly, it can create tension and make things even worse.

a woman sitting on a dock meditating
Remaining calm is the best way to secure that your approach to the incident will be clear-minded

So, stay calm, explain the situation to the movers or your insurance policy and see what is the best solution for your situation. When we move to our new home we usually want to de-stress and enjoy our new space. Letting stress overtake is not good for our mental health.

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