How to pack photographs for your Summerlin relocation

You know there are many things to pack and move while relocating. It can be very time-consuming especially if you want to do the packing properly. Furthermore, if you have a lot of fragile items to move, packing is even more difficult. When you have to move your precious belongings such as artwork or photographs, you have to pack them perfectly to be sure they won’t suffer damage while transporting. If you want to avoid mistakes when you need to pack photographs for your Summerlin relocation, seek help! In that situation, it’s best to hire those who can do it better than you so you can be sure those items are well-protected. When you need professional and reliable packing service, Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas will always be there for you. With the maximum dedication and experience we have, there are no things you need to worry about.

a picture hanging from a rope
Photos keep valuable memories and a professional mover keeps photos from damaging

Your photos are your memories in a tangible form. They keep all the memories from fading away. We know how much they mean to you. So, we’re bringing you the most useful techniques for packing your valuable memories. Read the article thoroughly to be able to avoid pitfalls when packing your photographs.

Organize your photos

Commonly, people store their photos in random places all around the home. It could be due to the lack of space in the home or the fact that the majority of people never have enough time to sort their photos and store them in one place. So, to be able to properly pack photographs for your Summerlin relocation, do the following. Take a tour of your house and gather all the photos you have in your home. It’s good to take one box with you to put photos in it while walking around the house. Once you’ve gathered them all, you’ll need to set aside a few hours to properly sort and organize them.

You may want to invite other family members to have a great family bonding time but think twice. With the hubbub, you all could make, the process will last much longer. Since time is very precious when you’re moving, you really don’t to waste your time. So, it’s best to do it on your own. Choose a part of the day when everyone is out if possible because you won’t be disturbed all the time. You should sort your photos by events and fill unused or partially full photo albums with loose photos. When you put your photos in albums, they will be more protected when transporting them.

Packing photos for a relocation

To pack properly and to move safely your photos, there are things you need to do. We’ll help you with the advice. You need some materials and tools to be able to do the packing process. You need boxes in different sizes, sticky tape, brown packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape. With that equipment, the packing will go much easier. Firstly, you need to pack your photo albums in boxes in such a way that they fit tightly. When they can’t move within the box, the probability of damage is minimized. Once you place them tightly, close the box and seal it with packing tape so that the box can’t open during the transport.

a box filled with photos
When you pack your photographs properly, you don’t have to worry about their protection during a move

If you don’t have enough photo albums for all your photos, you can use some alternatives to pack them. Take a heavy book and put photos among its pages. Close the book, wrap it in brown packing paper and seal it with packing tape. Afterward, place the books with photos in the same boxes with photo albums. And once again, make sure you pack them tightly. Use this technique to safeguard your photos when you need to pack photographs for your Summerlin relocation.

If you find packing really boring and tiring, you can always seek professional help. Apartment movers Las Vegas can help you do the packing process and move you safely wherever you need. Just give us a call and ask us whatever you want.

Packing photo frames

Artwork and photos hanging on the walls are beautiful things to give a final touch to your home. If you have a lot of them, and you want them in your new home, use the following methods to pack them properly for a move. Packing photo frames is more difficult than packing photo albums. Photo frames are very fragile and can be easily be damaged during transport. Many photo frames consist of a plastic frame and a glass protective cover. All these materials are very sensitive. Mostly used plastics for frames are prone to scratching, while a glass protective cover is very prone to cracking and shattering. So, you definitely want to prevent these inconveniences from occurring. So, do the following to pack your photo frames properly. We’re giving you an explanation step by step.

  • Separate photos from their frames, this will protect photos from potential broken glass.
  • Use bubble wrap to enfold the plastic frame, enfold it several times to protect it from being crush by heavier items
  • Use both bubble wrap and brown packing paper to enfold the glass protective cover
  • When you enfold all parts of a photo frame, use packing tape to secure them from opening
  • When you properly wrap them, put them in the boxes and make sure they fit tightly, but not too tightly, they may break

Loading the truck

When you finish the packing process, loading the truck is what you need to do next. How you load the truck will directly impact the safety of your photos during transport. If have no time for loading, Summerlin movers are here to help. Our experience and customers’ reviews sum it up pretty well – we are the ones you need. Our professional crews will make your relocation easy and your valuable belongings will be protected.

a truck full of boxes
If possible, never put any heavy belongings over the boxes with your fragile items.

If it is possible, you should load the truck with all your fragile items including photos at the end. Pay attention to what you put on the boxes with photo frames. You should never put heavy belongings on those boxes, otherwise, your photo frames can break in the process. So it’s best not to put anything on boxes with photographs. Better safe than sorry! Furthermore, keeping photos with you while relocating is the best. If you have a car, load the car with your photographs. This way, you’ll know your precious memories are safe from damage. 

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