How to avoid damaging floors when moving

Relocation is not easy at all.  Especially if you have to move heavy objects. Regardless of whether you are moving to a house or to an apartment, each relocation requires special care. You need to think about how to transport closets, beds, sofas, appliances, and many other large items. So, in this case, it is necessary to have experience and equipment for moving these objects. In the process of moving, there is a possibility to ruin the floor in both your old and your new home. Since that would cost extra money to fix, it is better to take caution. After all, moving heavy objects seems intimidating. That’s why movers Nevada are here to help you avoid damaging floors when moving.

Organize your relocation step by step

Your first step to organize your relocation is to choose a reliable moving company. There are many different companies in the market that offer relocation services. However, not all are reliable. Keep in mind that moving strongly depends on the chosen company. To avoid basic mistakes when moving, gather as much information as possible about professionals in this field. So take your time and research the good local companies.

Be sure to seek recommendations. Another thing to think about is your wallet. You already have enough cost with relocation. So, consider the cheap movers Las Vegas in order to both save your money and relocate successfully!

Woman writing list in a notepad
Organize your relocation ahead

Prepare your home for the move

Moving packaging is an important part of preparation. However, when moving heavy objects, it is very important to plan the route for the transfer of items. This is especially important if you live in a building that does not have an elevator. Although this step seems quite logical, many overlook it. And when they start moving a heavy object, they realize that it cannot pass through a door or window. Therefore, before you start moving, be sure to measure all the doors and windows, as well as the corridors through which you will move. Then make sure nothing gets in your way. This means that you need to move all obstacles on the floor and walls, including the chandelier from the ceiling.

For more security, protect door and window frames as well as stair railings. Also, remove carpets so that someone does not slip and fall. All of this is necessary for the relocation of your furniture. You can always ask for special furniture movers to help you. When this part is planned, you can start thinking about how to avoid damaging floors when moving.

Relocate heavy items carefully

Deconstruct your furniture. This will make your furniture easier to pack and it will be light enough to carry. Before you move the furniture to the new home, it should be disassembled into pieces. That way it will be easy to handle. Of course, not everything can be separated. But separating a few key items will make it much easier to navigate. For example, you can separate the mattress and the bed frames.

If you are carrying lamps, take the bulbs out of them and put them in a special bag. For chests of drawers, take out the drawers and take them to the transporting vehicle individually. Also, take care if you remove any screws or hardware from the furniture, put them in a bag and stick them to the furniture, or put a note in the bag that clearly states which furniture it is made of. Bookcases can be hard to deal with. Take out your drawers and label them so you put them back afterward easily. Don’t forget about household appliances. Be careful with handling those items since they are usually expensive. Get some tips from appliance movers Las Vegas in order to relocate your belongings nicely.

Two people carrying a sofa
Take care of heavy furniture because it can damage the floors

Avoid damaging floors when moving

There are different types of floors in our homes. The floor can be made of linoleum, tile, hardwood, and many other.  Regardless of the floor type, you need to protect it and pay special attention to it while relocating. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend money on repairing it or even call a professional to fix it. Also, it would be a time consuming process! So it is much better to prevent damages and protect your floors before you start moving. That way you can be more efficient. Here are few examples of how to avoid damage to your floors:

  • Use protecting film (it can be a floor or carpet protecting film, both are very easy to use)
  • Carry your items (avoid sliding items across the floor as much as possible)
  • Use towels or rages (put them under the legs of heavy furniture, in order to prevent scratches on the floor)
  • Measure before moving (it is very important to measure the size of floors in your new home so your belongings will fit)

Workers from the moving company will help you with these steps. Keep in mind that it would be helpful to know what you could do to help your movers.

Wooden surface with scratches
Make sure to avoid damaging floors while moving

Additional tips

Many unexpected things can happen during the relocation. People can usually get mixed up in the whole chaos of moving. So we often forget the most basic step: to clean up! People forget to clean the floors before moving the furniture. And it is a mistake. Dust, small rock, and other dirty substances can get cause damage to your belongings. Remember to clean up thoroughly. Also, clean your new home before moving in your furniture and appliances.

Another good idea to protect your floor is to use plywood. It can be expensive but investing in it can bring you extra caution. Sheets made of plywood function like a second layer. This way you can be sure that there won’t be any scratches on the floor. Another good aspect of plywood is that you can easily remove it. However, keep in mind that plywood can’t be used as a way to slide furniture. Of course, there are more ways to avoid damaging floors when moving, so be sure to inform thoroughly.

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