How to make sure you have hired reliable movers?

When moving, very often you cannot do everything on your own, and you need to seek professional help. By professionals, we mean moving companies. If it is your first time moving, do not decide on who to hire lightly. You need to make sure you have hired reliable movers. This means that you need to choose among the best moving companies Las Vegas can offer. Since you will be the one to pay for the services they offer, you need to know who you are dealing with. You need to keep away from the frauds and learn how to recognize them. What makes a company reliable and how to make sure you have made the right choice, is something we will talk about in the following article. After that, you will definitely be more comfortable with your choice and your strategy.

Many positive recommendations go a long way

Before you start Googling moving services Las Vegas movers offer, you should ask around for advice. Start from the people you are close with or whose opinion you respect. That can be a family member or a colleague. Or just ask for a recommendation from anyone you know moved recently. If one company stands out,  in terms of the number of good recommendations, it is the one to look out for, for sure. After surveying people, the next step would be to do the same, but online. Online reviews are a great thing, where you can see some experiences from other people. Often, there will be some fake reviews, but you should be able to spot them immediately. They will be either too bad or too good. One more great way to notice a certain company that stands out with numerous good votes.

Young boy showing thumb up
A lot of positive feedback and recommendations will go a long way

Asking for a license is how you make sure you have hired reliable movers

All companies need to be registered and own a license. If they do not, no need to waste time on them at all. How can you check if the company is licensed, you wonder? Actually is it very simple, and takes only a few steps. Go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and enter the company’s name. If it is licensed it will pop out, and you will be able to see some information about the company. Things such as complaints someone filed against them and such. That can be a piece of very valuable information, as you do not want to embark on any fraudulent activity. Moving expenses are not small, so be extra careful when making a choice which company to choose. You really need to make sure you have hired dependable movers for the amount of money you saved for the move.

A man at a laptop, with a mask on
Be aware of the different types of frauds when it comes to moving companies

If a company is doing an in-home survey, know that they are reliable

Before you decide on a company, you would want to hear their offers, price-wise. In order for a company to provide a quote, you would need to give them as much information as possible. The majority of companies will provide a quote via email or phone. Know that moving quotes are important when deciding on a budget, but it is important how you get them. In order for movers to know exactly the amount of work they will have with your move, they would need to do some sort of a survey. Schedule an appointment with at least a few moving companies and get quotes from each after the survey. Look through the terms and services each company offers. You will easily spot the most experienced ones. Whichever you choose, you need to be sure you have hired reliable movers, as nothing less is acceptable.

Years of experience and variety of services offered is how you make sure you have hired reliable movers

It is not difficult to find out which companies are in the business for a long time. That kind of information you can easily see on their websites. And these will probably be among the most recommended ones. Also, with growth companies usually widen their array of services. Some might develop business strictly for local moves, some only for international. That is also a very legitimate business decision, focusing on what they feel they will be best in. As you are probably aware movers can do almost everything, from packing and loading to a truck, to assembling and disassembling furniture. Sometimes they can only provide with packing materials if you want to pack on your own. But if you can afford it, better leave it to the pros and you’ll figure out what to do while movers pack your stuff.

Man in a suit there for you to make sure you have hired reliable movers
It is always a recommendation to go with the experienced movers who are in the business for many years


We hope that this article has helped you in finding out how to make sure you have hired reliable movers. It takes time and research, but it is worth it in the end. It is normal to seek the best service someone can provide, especially if you are paying for it. Do not feel bad to turn down some offers, if they do not fit your budget or your plans on any level. Go with those who offer a good price, include a lot of services for the price offered, and show the most professional behavior. There are a lot of moving companies in Las Vegas and in the area, that you will have a big enough selection to choose from. Just open your eyes and turn on your natural instincts, and you cannot be wrong. Your reliable moving company is awaiting out there, so go and get it!

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