An insightful guide on moving to Boulder City NV

Do you love big cities, but hate the idea of living in one? Are you a fan of the neon lights, but still like peaceful evenings in a quiet neighborhood? If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “yes”, then Boulder City is the place for you. Once you get there, opportunities will present to you at every step. Job, fun, education, socializing – all of it will be within your reach. So start preparing, because moving to Boulder City is easy with Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas by your side. In fact, it has never been easier. And with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to prepare even better.

Moving to Boulder City NV will be easier with a good plan

Planning a move is nothing to be trifled with. You will have a lot to take care of. Organizing, chores, important decisions – they all demand time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible. Preferably the moment you find out you’re moving.

When moving, time is of the essence. But start early, and you won’t have a problem

A great starting point will be making a checklist. As mentioned, there are a lot of things you’ll need to keep track of. And a simple checklist will help you immensely in this endeavor. The best way to do it is to download one of the many checklist apps available on the internet. That way, you will have access to your list wherever you go.

Pro tip: Write down EVERYTHING. No matter how small or insignificant the task is. With the sheer number of tasks, you’ll have to handle it is easy to forget minor ones. Therefore, take a minute and jot it down in your checklist.

Strengthen your moving budget by decluttering

Before you book the movers, you should go ahead and preemptively reduce the cost of the move. And you will do that by getting rid of your unnecessary belongings. If you’re wondering how will this cut some costs of relocation, it’s simple: the less you move – the less you pay. Therefore – be ruthless.

Now, when we say “get rid of stuff” we don’t mean “throw it away”. You could, of course. But it is the worse way to handle unnecessary belongings. Instead, do some of these:

  • Sell them online
  • Organize a yard sale
  • Give them to friends or family
  • Donate to charity

The first two options are optimal. You’re getting rid of excess stuff and getting a portion of their value back in the process. Donating is also great because it means someone will put them to good use. Only after exhausting these options, you should throw away what remains.

You can save some money when moving to Boulder City NV by selling excess belongings online
Sell your excess belongings online. It is a great way to get some additional funds for the move.

Having a team of professionals when moving to Boulder City NV is always beneficial

The first point of business on your checklist should be to research and find some of the best movers Boulder City NV can offer. Enlisting the help of trained professionals that handled hundreds of relocations will make the whole process a breeze. So hop on the internet a find those that offer services you need. It does take a bit of time but even so, be thorough. It will pay off in the long run.

On-site estimate will allow you to plan and organize better

Now that you’ve narrowed your search to a few companies that fit your needs, it’s time to see if they also fit your budget. You can check Las Vegas movers rates easily. Every reputable moving company has a quote calculator on their website. This alone will give you a good estimate of the cost of your move. And it will narrow your search even further.

Book movers as soon as possible

After using quote calculators, your options will come down to only a handful of moving companies. Now it’s time to contact each one them and ask for an on-site estimate. The companies will send their representatives who will calculate the precise cost of your move. After that, it’s only a matter of picking the one that suits you best and make moving to Boulder City NV as easy as possible.

Packing takes a lot of time – start early so you can take it easy

All right, you’re half-way there. Now you need to prepare your things for the trip. Start by packing non-essentials first. Everything you’re using sparingly or not using at all at the moment. Seasonal clothes and power tools, for example. Work your way slowly toward items that you’re using on a daily basis, such as clothes, dishes, TVs, etc. The idea here is to be left with only bare essentials a few days before the move.

For these, you’ll use a separate bag. It’s commonly known as “the essentials bag” and it should contain everything you need to survive the first few days after the move:

  • Personal documents
  • Credit cards
  • Jewelry
  • Chargers
  • Change of clothes
  • Medication
  • Toiletries

The essentials bag won’t go with your movers. Instead, it should be on your person at all times. It will be a life-saver when you’re moving to Boulder City NV. Therefore, make sure it’s within reach and easily accessible.

Las Vegas at night
Whenever you feel the urge to revisit the hectic environment of the big city you can hop over to Las Vegas. It’s only a short drive away.

Boulder City – the perfect antithesis to Las Vegas

Even though it’s only 15 minutes away from Las Vegas, Boulder City is a whole different world altogether. A polar opposite, if you will. Whereas there are bright neon lights of Vegas, they are dulled by the warm lights of family homes in Boulder City. The chaos of the big city gives way to the serenity of a peaceful little town. Competitiveness gets outshined by helpfulness. Adversity – by friendship.

Here, everything is subordinated to a peaceful and family life. The community is warm and willing to help. Schools are excellent and offer great education and plenty of extracurricular activities. There are beautiful parks, lakes, and numerous events to have fun, relax, and meet new people in the process.  Therefore, we have no doubts that moving to Boulder City NV will be one choice you’ll never regret making.

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