How to know if cheap movers are reliable

First of all Happy New Year and we hope that 2023 will be better than 2022 was. Secondly, this is a year when the start of the recession is expected to start. So it’s not good news when it comes to finances thus people will try to save every dollar. Because of that, our team at Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas would like to help you out. We would like to share with you tips on how to know if cheap movers are reliable. So let’s not waste any time and dive in and see how you can spot cheap but reliable movers.

Contact movers in advance and ask for a free estimate

First of all, every cheap mover should have a free estimate. Either way, if you pick a cheap or expensive mover, they just offer you free insight. Las Vegas movers prices vary but on average the cost per hour for a studio is $126/hour, so is for one bedroom apartment. For two-bedroom apartments, prices vary around $176/hour; $247 is the price for average three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments. While for 5-bedroom apartments and bigger it’s usually $346/hour. Now if you’re wondering why prices are higher it’s simply because we’ll need to hire more people and that’s expensive. Like in real estate, the most expensive thing is the labor.

Professional loading truck while talking about how to know if cheap movers are reliable;
When it comes to moving it’s never too early to contact the moving company.

Also, you should contact your movers well in advance. If you want to find affordable movers in Las Vegas for a good price (cheaper options) then timing is everything. You’ve seen jumps in prices in 2022 and they’re likely to worsen in 2023 and 2024. Since for example moving industry is directly connected with the gas industry if the price of gas skyrockets so will the price of services like moving or delivery. So book in advance as far as you can, and you should be fine. Now how else can we find out if the cheap movers are reliable? That’s because they won’t ask you for any huge deposits in advance. Companies that ask you to give them all in advance or like 80% aren’t that reliable and this is another reg flag. Since they’ll probably try to scam you or just take your money.

You should know if cheap movers are reliable by looking at websites and online reviews

First of all, let us ask you, do they even have a website? It maybe sounds like a dumb question in 2023 but some companies don’t. By these companies, we mean those that aren’t so trustworthy, since they won’t get discriminated against or caught that easily. They can sugar-coat and impress you but if they’re not online watch out for this because it’s a major red flag. For example, our household movers Las Vegas have their website, blog section, and review sections; as well as other sections like services, about us, career (if you wish to start working), resources, etc. Also, we offer free moving estimates and you can apply for moving through our website. 

Laptop on the table next to the phone;
Always check out their website.

So if their website “seems legit” you should head out and check reviews. Both on their website and Google and other platforms like Yelp. But be warned that you should be well-trained to spot fake reviews from real ones. We’re not talking about the obvious ones like if someone with the name “Bart Homer Simpson” left the comment “hehe, suckers” and gave it one star. We mean the real deal if the comment is too detailed it may be fake since most people won’t remember the name of all movers. Or if there are multiple comments in one day or within the same hour, that’s too obvious. Even if the comments are too negative they may be from the competition. So you better watch out, read the comments and check if the names at least sound legit; also check the dates, and time, and don’t forget the language.

Reliable movers are licensed and certified

We’ve seen a lot of companies rise and fall within the moving industry.  Some of that wasn’t that bad but they didn’t pay their taxes and didn’t have a proper license. Trust us this is the problem for both the company and you as a customer. So is it cheaper if the company doesn’t have a proper license? Yes, it sure is because that’s illegal but if they catch the company it’ll be a great problem for both them and you. Also if you want to sue the company or your things go missing there won’t be anyone to help you out; also you won’t have anyone to sue for all of this since as we’ve previously mentioned the company doesn’t exist. In the end, you may end up saving a couple of bucks, but for what? Imagine if end up with broken TV or with no TV at all.

A man holding a certified developer badge;
If the company is certified you should consider talking with them.

So to prevent this from happening think about finding a company with high-quality relocation services in Las Vegas at a reasonable price. After that check out if they have a license. So here are some other tips and tricks on how you can know if cheap movers are reliable.

  • Visit the website of the company and call them to talk with a person over the phone
  • Ask them to provide you with Liability Coverage or any other type of insurance
  • Ask them about compensation for late delivery
  • Check them out on the U.S. Dot system if they’re interstate movers
  • Last but not least check them out on Better Business Bureau

Final thoughts on how to know if cheap movers are reliable

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that it helped you. These were our thoughts on how to know if cheap movers are reliable. So you better watch out for online reviews, website certificates, and insurance policies and you better call them. Also, if they don’t have free estimates but want money in advance consider this a major red flag. We hope that you had a nice holiday and that you’ll have a nice move in 2023 as well.

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