The safest Las Vegas neighborhoods

Las Vegas is a city that everyone has heard about. It is widely known for its endless entertainment options and vivid nightlife. But aside from fun, Sin City is also home to many people. Its 645,000 residents all live in different parts of the city, and all of them are unique, with their pros and cons. If you are moving with your family, safety is more of a concern than when moving alone. You will want only the best for your offspring, and this city in Nevada might not seem like the best choice. But moving to one of the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods with the help of movers in Las Vegas area will give you the life you deserve.

How is the safety index of a neighborhood calculated?

Every city has a certain crime rate index that you can easily find online. The safety index is a grade calculated from the total number of violent and property crimes. It derives from the number of:

  1. Assaults
  2. Murders
  3. Rapes
  4. Robberies
  5. Burglaries
  6. Theft
  7. Motor vehicle theft

When talking about Las Vegas, in particular, the number of crimes like assault and motor vehicle theft is higher than the national average, while others are significantly lower. But when you are thinking about moving to this city, you should pick only the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods as the safety varies from one neighborhood to the other. We will list a few of the most secure ones.

Picture of a lock and key on top of metal chains
The safety index is a very important thing to keep in mind

Summerlin as one of the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods

Located on the west side of the city, Summerlin is one of the safest parts of Las Vegas. It has close to 100,000 residents, and according to their comments, it is one of the best places to live in Nevada. This area is served by some of the best Summerlin movers, so don’t hesitate to give them a call if you decide to live here. Summerlin is safer than both the national and state average since its residents feel safe in the streets no matter the time of day.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley is a suburb of LV, with a population of a little above 200,000 residents. According to the majority of movers in Spring Valley NV, this suburb has a great balance of things that it has to offer. It might not be as safe as the previous location, but the lower cost of living is what attracts people to this part of the city. Its location close to downtown Las Vegas is another great addition to the existing pros.


According to statistics, this part of Las Vegas is the number 1 place to raise a family in this area. It is safer than 35% of cities in the USA, and even some movers in Henderson NV recommend it. The crime rate is way lower than the state average, which makes life for its 300,000 residents very enjoyable.

Picture of a happy family standing in front of a brick wall
Henderson is one of the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods

Final thoughts on the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods

Las Vegas is a famous destination for tourists. But it also has qualities that you should consider when looking for a place to move to. LV might not come first to mind as a secure city, but some of the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods should. If you want further proof, you should research these neighborhoods more in-depth before you make a decision. We wish you good luck!

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