How to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

When you are moving, you should hire a moving company. North Las Vegas movers will help you relocate your entire household. This sounds simple. However, there could be hidden moving company fees that you are not aware of. For this reason, you should first find out about hidden moving company fees. Then, you should read how to avoid them. It is pointless to lose money if you can avoid it. For this reason, here are all the common hidden moving company fees. 

Read your moving contract carefully for hidden moving company fees 

It goes without saying but you have to read carefully your moving contract before signing. In the mentioned contract, you should find all the necessary information about your move. All reliable movers will offer a contract where all the hidden moving company fees are listed. In addition to this, if you do not understand certain things written in the moving contract, make sure to ask for clarification. The same thing applies when hiring movers. Do not hesitate to ask about their license issued by the FMSCA. You can also check their track record by visiting the official website of the BBB. If you see that movers are trying to dodge the questions, then do not hire them. Hiring fraudulent movers will not help to organize your move. 

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Read your moving contract carefully before you sign it

Packing labor and packing supplies 

Packing your items is a huge task. Some people do not have enough time to pack everything by themselves. For this reason, it is easier to let movers do the job for you. However, packing services are a part of additional moving fees. Moving companies will charge you for packing services as they are not included in the moving services. In addition to this, if movers will pack your items, they will most likely use their packing supplies. This means more money as again packing supplies are not free. For this reason, you can gather all the necessary packing supplies instead of getting them from the moving company. However, sometimes it is better to have movers to pack your items. If movers break something during the packing, they will have to cover the damage.  

 Hidden moving company fees – disassembly and reassembly of your furniture 

When you are looking for Las Vegas movers rates, you are probably searching for the most affordable ones. That is reasonable, but then you might end up paying more than expected. For example, have you thought about disassembling your furniture? This is a tiring task where you can lose some tiny pieces or damage furniture. For this reason, it is easier to have movers to do the job, again. However, movers will charge yet another fee. In addition to this, movers will also charge for handling bulky and heavy items. Usually, pianos, pool tables, safes, hot tubs, and other similar items will raise your bill. Now it is up to you to make a choice. Are you confident you can disassemble your furniture? Do you know how to lift and carry heavy and bulky items without causing damages or inflicting injuries? Sometimes it is best to pay for these services. 

Cancellation fees 

Sometimes, unexpected things can happen. For this reason, people decide not to move. However, if you already booked moving services, you will have to cancel them. This might cost you extra money. Most moving companies have their own cancellation policies. It is important to check this policy with your moving company. Usually, if you give a one-week notice, you might have to pay from $50 – $100. Some moving companies will not ask for this fee. In addition to this, if you notify movers in less than a week, your fee will be around $300 or the full moving deposit. For this reason, make sure to ask about their cancellation policy.  

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If you cancel your moves, you might pay a cancellation fee

Hidden moving company fees – Part I 

Here are some more hidden moving fees listed below. 

  • Elevator fees (flight fees) – if movers cannot use an elevator for any reason, expect a fee of around $75. This is a problem if you live in a building so make sure to ask about elevator fees. 
  • Long carry fees – if movers cannot park moving truck close to your house, expect yet another fee between $90 and $120. Movers will have to walk longer in order to load the moving truck. 
  • Storage fee – sometimes, your items have to stored temporarily at the storage, for example, your new house is still not ready. They will charge you for using storage. 
  • Express delivery fee – if you want your items to be delivered faster than usual, you will have to pay for this privilege. 
  • Extra stops fees – if movers have to make additional pick-ups or drop-offs, they will charge you another $75. 

Even more hidden moving costs – Part II 

There are five more.  

  • Travel fee – movers can charge you a travel fee. If your house is far away from their office, then travel to your home is considered as an additional hour of labor. Ask movers if they plan to charge you one. 
  • Hoisting fee – if your large furniture cannot fit through the door, movers will have to find another way, usually through windows. This implies using more equipment and a bigger risk of damages. 
  • Environmental charge – when movers unpack your items, they usually have to dispose of the packing materials. They might charge for disposal. 
  • Moving insurance – you should get basic coverage automatically that covers only 60 cents per pound. If you are moving valuable items, then you should get better moving insurance. 
  • Tips for movers – you should tip movers for a job well done, especially if they do a splendid job. 
glass jar for tips
You should tip movers for a job well done

All the hidden moving company fees 

As you can see, you should ask your movers about additional fees. Only then you can decide whether to do something on your own or let movers handle it. See if you can fit additional fees into your budget.

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