How to safely move sports equipment?

Every relocation is different. You will need different things for every one of them. Some of them will require a lot of manpower while others require only the simplest steps. On the other hand, when you have to move sports equipment, there are some precautions that you will have to consider beforehand. Yes, you will need trustworthy and reliable North Las Vegas movers to do the job but you are the one that is in charge of the whole process. Learn how to properly pack and relocate all your sports equipment to the new place!

What is important if you want to move sports equipment?

You will have to understand that moving sports equipment is not the same as any other move. A problem is that it is often very heavy so you will need proper tools. What we mean by this is that you will have to find proper moving boxes for the move. They are the essence of every move. There is one thing that you need to know though. You have to be very careful about the weight you put in the boxes. Even though they are quite durable, only one more pound is enough for them to break and to cause your trouble. Be sure to know the weight limit of the boxes before you overload them!

What are the types of sports equipment that you may have to move?

We can’t put them all on one universal list but sport exercise can’t go without some of them like:

  • Weights
  • Treadmills
  • Stationary bikes


Weights are one of the most important sports items in any gym or household. You just can’t go without them since they are ones that bring you the best results. But when relocating them, you need to consider several things. Do not overweight your boxes! We have already said this but it is very important when it comes to weighs. Just imagine transporting your boxes to the truck when it happens! Your box breaks and everything falls on your legs. You want to protect yourself and put your health in the first place.

It is better to distribute the weight using more moving boxes than putting all in one big box. Of course, plastic wrap is practically a necessity since it will protect everything much more than just putting it in the boxes. If you are still not sure about transporting your weights in the cardboard boxes, you can always use the plastic ones which are definitely more durable!

weights - move sports equipment
Do not overload your boxes with weight!


Even though weights can be much heavier than treadmills, they are still easy to pack. Treadmills, on the other hand, have some problems where you need to be careful. Before packing it, you will have to disassemble it. It sounds very easy but if you do not have a manual that comes with the product, you are doomed. It will take much more time and nerves to do this. Before dumping anything away, save it since you will probably need it at some time.

There is one more thing you need to know when relocating treadmills. They can be quite heavy so you will have to use assistance in order to get them to the truck. If the treadmills weights more than 100 pounds, do not attempt to lift it. Use furniture dolly as a help. They will save you a ton of nerves and you will not have to do that much hard and physical work.

a treadmill
Treadmills can be troublesome when packing

Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes have become very popular with people. A good thing about them is that you actually do not have to go anywhere so that you could train a bit. You are at home and still covering miles and miles of road. But when it comes to relocating it, you may have to be a little creative. The first thing that you need to cover is the floor. Using furniture dolly just is not practical here. So, what should you use? Well, the carboard is the perfect thing to use here. Just put it under the bike and you will prevent scratches on the floor.

a stationary bike
Pack your bike like a pro

Should you go with professionals when relocating sports equipment?

Even though there can’t be too much damage to your equipment, there can be a lot of damage to your house. If you do not have proper materials to get your equipment out of the place, you risk damages on your walls, floors, etc. On the other hand, moving to Las Vegas with your equipment can be much easier with the help of a professional moving company. You can be sure that they will know what to do and how to treat your belongings.

Of course, you will have to be sure that you are dealing with the right movers for the job. There are some questions to be asked so that you can have a piece of mind. After all, it is always to be sure than to be sorry, right?


Sport is good for our health, both physical and mental. In order to be healthy, you will need to have proper equipment where you can do all of your exercises. Problems begin when you have to move sports equipment because there are so many things that you have to do. You have to be very careful when dealing with this since you could end up hurt. Be sure that you pack everything correctly so that you do not have any surprises once you get to your new place. A lot can happen, especially when having a long-distance move.

Of course, be sure that you check with your movers if everything is done correctly. If there is something that needs any correction, you will get this. We are sure that it will not be necessary and that these tips and tricks will help you have the perfect relocation of your sports equipment!

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