Here’s how you move in a hurry

It’s always scary to move in a hurry. Taking on such a huge task with but a portion of the needed time can be nothing short of a nightmare for many. Unfortunately, it’s a nightmare that can easily become a reality, and there’s nothing you can really do about it in most cases. However, you can learn how to conduct this kind of move as quickly as possible without making a complete mess. So read on for some great tips you can implement right away!

Call professional help

Nine times out of ten, it’s best to simply leave the move to the professionals. Having the skills and gear for basically any relocation, they can get you moved in short order. Not only that, but the extra manpower will make the entire process go by exponentially faster. And if you’re worried about the costs (which some of you inevitably are), hiring the more affordable movers Las Vegas is home to won’t really cost you all that much.

It has more to do with than speed and prices, though. There’s also the ever-looming matter of your belongings’ safety. With the best movers Las Vegas can offer you, your things will generally be much safer. You see, the pros have all sorts of moving trucks, lifting tools, and packing supplies to guarantee that your stuff doesn’t end up banged up or completely broken.

Moving in a hurry: a broken window
Broken items are commonplace when moving without professional help

And if all that wasn’t enough, a lot of movers are very experienced at doing quick moves. They can pack you, load up your things, and get you transported in a flash. Overall, hiring professional help to help you move in a hurry is the most practical solution if you’re willing and able to spare some cash for their service.

Call someone else to help you move in a hurry

Should you relocate quickly without a moving service, the principle of helping hands is still incredibly important. With someone else by your side, you can power through the packing and moving at a fraction of the time it would take you to do it on your own. Ideally, you’ll call someone strong enough to help you with carrying boxes and heavy items. Beyond that, it would be great if they owned a vehicle useful for hauling a lot of stuff (like a van or caravan). Even if not, though, having more hands on deck is still of great help.

Create a plan when you move in a hurry

We get it – last-minute moves are terrifying. However, getting all flustered and rushing headlong into the first chore that comes to mind will likely make it even worse. That’s why you ought to take a deep breath and step back from the situation for a bit. Assess what needs doing, how much time/effort every issue demands, and make a list of tasks.

You’ll see how more clearly you’ll be able to think once you’ve set all your duties on paper. With a vision of what you’re supposed to do and how,  your fast more will become far more manageable. It’s already a well-known method to boost productivity, so it can only help. You already have so much on your mind right now, so this bit of clarity will relieve so much stress for you.

A hand writing down a plan in a notebook
Not only will a plan make you move easier, but it will take away a lot of uncertainty

Packing will be the worst part

The packing portion of a move is oftentimes the most arduous one in any kind of relocation, whether you’re moving to Nevada or anywhere else. Moving at the last moment, though, makes the packing even worse. That’s because you typically need to set aside a ton of time to pack properly. This situation clearly makes that kind of diligence out of the question.

Rather, you need to not only pack a mountain of things, but you need to do it in a matter of mere days. That’s a Herculean task by most metrics, but it’s not impossible. You’ll just have to take a more expedient, if not sloppier, approach. Here’s what you do.

Have a bag of essentials at the ready to move in a hurry more safely

Before all the packing madness starts, make sure that all necessary items are in one place you can easily access throughout the move. This entails a lot of things, but here are some to get you going:

  • important personal documents (moving in a hurry often leads people to forget this stuff)
  • medical supplies (especially if you have a condition that requires regular intake of a drug)
  • a few changes of clothes
  • chargers
  • hygiene/bathroom amenities (this means toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, etc.)

Once you get to your hurried packing, you’ll be able to easily reach these commonly needed items. It’s a lifesaver, trust us.

Labeling and organization will have to take the back seat

The circumstances of having to move in a hurry don’t really allow you to meticulously put everything in a category and pack/label it accordingly. You don’t have the time for that. Instead, you’ll have to think about quantity rather than quality. If you, let’s say, need to move in Paradise NV, you waon’t be able to get anything done organization-wise (except if you hire skilled Paradise NV movers, that is).

When you get to packing, just put everything you can into every box with enough room to hold it. While it will make unpacking a lot more difficult, that’s a concern for another time. Wherever you can cut corners, take that opportunity. For instance, simply pull out your drawers, its contents included, and boom! – you’ve got yourself a moving box.

A drawer full of utensils
Why pack all of this when it’s already neatly organised right in the drawer

Wrap fragile objects with soft items

You won’t have the luxury to shop for wrapping supplies. To move in a hurry calls for being practical, so you’ll just have to make use of what you already own. If you own towels and socks (and we really hope you do), you can use them as handy wraps for glasses, bottles, and other delicate things. Shirts are also useful in that sense, and they also make for more space-efficient packing since they’re thin.

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