All about redecorating a Nevada house

Whether you live in Nevada or intend to move there, you’ll eventually find yourself in need to redecorate. Every living space grows a tad stale over time, and design changes are the optimal solution to that problem. What should you change, though? Floor-to-ceiling redecorations aren’t really an option for everyone, after all. So what can you do to breathe new life into your Nevadan home? And how can you turn a few decorations into something more meaningful? Here’s everything you need to know about redecorating a Nevada house while respecting the authenticity of Nevada’s history and culture.

We will be talking a lot about the culture and history of Nevada here. Frankly, there are so many tips about house redecorations that don’t help you all that much. But if we give you a glimpse into the “spirit” of Nevada, that could help you decide what to do.

Redecorating a Nevada house: key design guidelines

Before we get to the actual tips, you’ll benefit from knowing a little about what makes Nevada such a visually unique state in terms of architecture. That way, you’ll be able to hone that knowledge into a tool for creating amazing decor. You can move all around the state, and you’ll see plenty of the below influences. While interstate moving companies Las Vegas has to offer can relocate you anywhere within Nevada in a flash, you still ought to know a thing or two about the cultural ties between all of its cities.

Of course, every city (and every neighborhood, in most cases) sports a unique look, at least to an extent. However, the entirety of Nevada has nurtured a particular architectural aesthetic over the years. This oddity in terms of design stems from two reasons: the state’s climate and its history.

Redecorating a Nevada house: a desert dune
As you’ll see, Nevada’s arid climate had a visible effect on its architecture

Constructing and redecorating a Nevada house with glass bottles?

You see, its mostly arid climate has made traditional building supplies scarce. If you wanted to build or redecorating a Nevada house with lumber, for instance, you usually had to export it from more verdant states. This has resulted in many buildings made from non-conventional materials (adobe being a major one), typically the ones that were easiest to get a hold of. Tom Kelly’s Rhyolite house, for one, consists of glass bottles and adobe. It’s still around and over a hundred years old, so it’s far from an architectural gaffe.

A building made of adobe
Adobe was a widely used material for most of Nevada’s history

Casino culture and colorful constructs

Beyond material limitations, the cultural influence of Nevada’s history has also impacted the local architecture. Casinos, for one, have been an integral part of the typical Nevada urban landscape. With Las Vegas being the gambling capital of the world, this is hardly surprising – anyone moving to Nevada can see quickly these trappings.

Nevertheless, myriad casinos and gaming establishments were built to attract and wow the masses. To do so, they had to be pretty outlandish, eclectic, and downright gaudy at times. And given the futuristic style that was popular at the time, there was a lot of so-called Googie architecture. Add in the historic inpour of various peoples and their contributions, and you wind up with a very varied look.

So, all of this leads us to the main principles for redecorating your house in Nevada. These are:

  • Eccentric, but in keeping with the native population’s historic struggle with the desert climate.
  • Incorporation of various influences, with an emphasis on 1950s futurism

Take Boulder City, NV as an example. It has a very diverse range of house styles, many made out of adobe and other unusual materials. Moreover, they have a particularly unique personality, where one house will rarely resemble another. With the right movers in Boulder City, NV, you can make any of these your home, but the point is that the kind of Nevada house one chooses will affect how one will be redecorating a Nevada house.

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
While you’ll hardly be able to find anything like this out there, The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health does illustrate Nevada’s love for the unique

Redecorating a Nevada house: practical tips

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can carry on to some actionable tips. What can you do to make your Nevada home stand out? Here are some simple redecoration tips that you can easily make use of. They don’t go into a lot of detail, mind you. This entire article is more about directing you in a certain way of thinking.

Redecorate your shelves

Your shelves can really affect how a room looks. Luckily, there are about as many design choices for shelves as there is sand in Nevada. And even more luckily for you, you can opt for almost any of them. Since Nevada celebrates having a bit of quirk in its design, seldom few choices will look bad. Take into account, though, that you should still keep a consistent style. Whether you settle for a raw, adobe-colored shelf or a more Baroque design, don’t mix and match too much.

What about the furniture?

In case you move with the help of furniture movers in Las Vegas, you might not think about changing your furniture. But if you aren’t, or you just want change, consider getting something that will reflect your new home. If it’s a little Googie, get something sleek to complement it, for example. Again, try to keep everything in sync looks-wise. As an aside tip, you can also try to keep your chairs and closets an inch or two away from your walls. This can lend a breezy feel to your living space.

You don’t have to go overboard when redecorating a Nevada house

All of the above may have led you to think that you need to go wild with your redecoration choices. That isn’t all that true, though. While variety is a major theme here, understated design is just as good. In fact, a more austere look could work even better with your own home. It might also better reflect who you are as a person. In the end, redecorating a Nevada house is more of a statement of yourself than anything else. You don’t need to make your home look like Caesars Palace to honor Nevada’s past and present.

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