Dos and don’ts of relocating to Boulder City during winter Holidays

The holiday season is known to be stressful for many people. Add in an also very stressful event such as moving, and you might feel very overwhelmed. Relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays can be easier for you if you are very well organized. Here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do if you are to move during Winter Holidays.

Rain on a car window of the person who is relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays
Check the weather forecast before moving

Relocating to Boulder City during the Winter Holidays

Before moving

Relocating during the winter in some cases can be worse than moving during summer. If you have no other option though, don’t worry, take a deep breath, and carefully plan everything. You have to be as organized as possible. Relocating in winter would probably require professional help, so book your LV movers in advance. Many companies work for holidays but make sure to double-check that when booking one. Bonus tip: as winter is not exactly a busy relocating season, you might find better bargains on the price.

A meticulously planned move is the key

As the holidays arrive, you are probably getting busier and busier, and more and more exhausted already. When the relocation becomes certain, you should check your calendar and clear out everything that’s less important than the move itself. Make a priority list, and do everything you can in advance so you don’t have to go Christmas shopping one day and pack an entire house on the next.

The weather

Checking the weather forecast is extremely important. Although it doesn’t usually snow in Boulder City, chances are it may be cold. Friendly reminder for those who move long distance – check the weather for all the places you are going through. Snow and ice can slow down the driving, and therefore slow your relocating process. If you decide to book a company to help you, check with the team of long distance movers Las Vegas if they are well equipped for winter conditions.


Don’t forget to leave unpacked some of your winter essentials! When packing, especially if you are stressed and in a rush, you might overlook that you will need warmer clothes at your disposal. Grab a box or a bag and pack it with some warmer clothes, socks, and gloves. This is particularly important for those who are moving from warmer places. The weather in winter can change quickly, so prepare a change of clothes and shoes for the road. Take waterproof and anti-slip shoes to avoid getting your feet wet and slipping while carrying boxes! 

white winter gloves
Don’t forget to leave some warmer clothes unpacked for easy access

Be aware of different driving conditions

Whether you chose to book professional movers Boulder City NV or move with your vehicle, you have to pay attention to driving conditions. Rain, snow, or ice can slow the ride. Relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays can be a big problem for those who are moving long-distance, as it takes more time anyway. Be aware that the moving company of your choice may have delays if the weather conditions are bad. Be patient and communicate with your movers. If you decided to drive yourself, do a thorough check on your vehicle before traveling.

Don’t forget it’s getting dark earlier

Winter brings shorter days so the best thing you can do when relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays is to start as early as you can. When you talk to a moving company of your choice ask for a morning start. This will ensure you have enough time to avoid loading or unloading boxes in the dark.

Maneuvering the boxes can be tricky

If it’s cold and raining during the move, carrying the boxes around can be a bit of a hustle. Wet or frozen pavement or ground will be slippery, so if you don’t pay enough attention, you might fall. Before grabbing a box, observe your surroundings. Remove fallen leaves that are on your way, and put some salt on ice if there is any. Pro tip: as you and the movers will constantly get in and out of your home with wet shoes, protect the floors with old blankets or plastic sheets. This will minimize later cleaning and protect your floors or carpets from stains and water. If it’s raining a lot, you can also lay plastic sheets on top of your boxes. 

Take care of yourself

Put on some nice warm clothes and protect your hands from the cold. Make some nice hot beverage for you and the team of movers that’s helping you. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate will warm you up quickly, and it’s a nice way to bring the holiday spirit alive!

Enjoy the holidays

Relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays is probably not what you have imagined doing at that time of the year, but don’t let it spoil the holidays. Find the time to prepare Christmas gifts, and if you are well organized you can still have a nice holiday in your new home. It will feel amazing to celebrate the coming of a new year in a new home.

Don't let relocating to Boulder City during the Winter Holidays ruin your holiday fun with friends and family
Relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays

So, let’s summarize:


  • First and foremost carefully plan relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays
  • Check the weather forecast closely to avoid any surprises. This is a must if you are moving long-distance
  • Have a stash of warm clothes on hand
  • There’s a big chance you will find low cost movers Las Vegas as winter usually isn’t a busy relocating season. Booking in advance is extremely important
  • Be considerate in case of delays


  • Don’t overlook the change in driving conditions, especially if it’s raining or snowing
  • Stumbling in the dark with boxes full of fragile stuff is not good in any case. Plan the move according to the shorter winter days and start early
  • Don’t step on the floors with wet shoes, put some plastic wrap beforehand to avoid making a mess
  • Don’t pack your winter jacket, boots and gloves, even if it’s warm in your current location! The weather in winter can change fast and you might need to put on something warm quickly
  • Don’t let the hustle around the move spoil your holidays. There’s something poetical in welcoming a new year in a new place

Relocating to Boulder City during Winter Holidays might have certain difficulties. You can avoid most of them if not all, by strategic planning. Start packing and organizing early so you can still have nice quality festive time with your friends and family. 

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