Declutter before moving like a pro

When you commit to moving, there are some rules that you need to follow in order to succeed. If you do not follow them and decide on your own what is best, you may end up in deep trouble. That is the reason why you should do things in a certain order and on time. Packing is one thing that you have to be careful with because if you do not start on time, you will accumulate stress and probably forget something. Yes, you can hire LV movers but if you want to do the whole packing process alone, there are some things you should do if you want to declutter before moving. Learn how to do it!

What are the most important tips if you want to declutter before moving?

  • Start on time
  • Decide whether you will keep things
  • Start from the most cluttered room

Start on time

Time is everything when it comes to moving. If you can organize yourself, you will have more time and less chance to make a mistake that could cost you a lot. Also, you can dedicate more time to each room and you can properly decide what are the things you will move and what will not. Another good thing about starting on time is stress. You will experience less stress than if you have procrastinated.

hourglass - declutter before moving
Starting on time is the key to successful decluttering

Decide whether you will keep things

If you want to declutter before moving like a pro, you have to lower the number of things that you are going to move. Let’s face it, you probably have more things that you actually need or use on a daily basis. The best thing to do here is to throw them away or even better, donate them. There are many organizations that will be very grateful for your donation. In order to achieve this, it is better to use two boxes, one for things that you are going to move and one for things that you are going to donate. A lower number of stuff that you have to move means less money that you will have to spend on moving supplies.

Start from the most cluttered room

The key with decluttering before the move is to start from the room with the most clutter. Leaving the hardest for last is usually a mistake because the amount of stress increases as you realize that you still have to do the hardest part. Two most cluttered rooms are usually basement or attic so start there. Go your way down until you come to the kitchen and bedroom. You will need these rooms until the moving day so they should be the last.

Basements and attics are usually the messiest rooms


It is not your choice to declutter before moving, it is usually a pure necessity. You do it in order to make the packing easier. Yes, some people hire movers Boulder City NV to do this job, but that is not always the option. No matter whether you have planned for the full moving service, this is a thing you should know since it is not that complicated but can save you a lot of money.

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