Cool Ways to Pack Toys When Moving

Moving alone is hard but moving with kids – a whole other beast. With all the complications and time-consuming effort you have to put in, we wanted to help you. Big aspect of little humans – they do love their games. It helps them improve their minds and fill their time with magical adventures. But what happens when the real-life forces them to move and their toys, arbitrators of imagination, now need to move as well? Well, for that case we made this simple guide with cool ways to pack toys when moving.

Involve the Kids!

Once you hire your full service moving company Las Vegas, you might still want to get some more help. No, not any more paid service. Your kids!

There are a lot of reasons to involve the kids when packing their toys:

  • You will give them agency and will, therefore, help them cope with the move, a process that they inherently have little to no control over.
  • A good opportunity to let them rid of the unwanted things before you pack toys when moving.
  • It will help you! After all, there are a lot of things to do when you have to move. Leaving this to them will be an hour less of work, or an hour better spent anyway.

They will enjoy it, feel accomplished and will actually take some load off you. What is there to lose?

Let Them Pick

Do some toys need to be left behind? Be sure to tell them. It is easier that way than to “forget” them on the way. Have them choose what toys they want to keep. This will be a valuable life lesson and a good indicator to you of what your child appreciates and what it cares less about.

Make the Game Out of It!

You might be packing toys and not playing with them, but this experience might just provide you with some fun anyhow.

A girl smiling
Kids love games, and this can be one!

While your furniture movers Las Vegas are doing their job, make a treasure hunt in the kid’s room, color the boxes or get them to be “in charge of making packages pretty” or something like that. Make the activity fun and engaging!

Sort Everything and Pack Properly

Before the great movers Boulder City NV gets you on your way be sure to categorize everything, toys included, and pack them into appropriate boxes. If you have original, go with those. If not, pick an appropriately sized box and put some cushioning material inside, should the toy need it.

Buy New Ones!

Some toys have lived out their days? Why not buy some new ones?

a man holding a child
This might be an opportunity to buy new toys!

You could use this occasion to choose toys that improve childhood development. Furthermore, they might even get excited about the move when the prospect of new toys (in a new home) comes to mind.

To Sum Up

All things considered, we covered exactly what the cool ways to pack toys when moving. Just remember to improvise if need be and they are their toys, even though you paid for them. Give them some control and responsibility.

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