Tips and Tricks for Moving During a Rainstorm

Moving isn’t an easy task on the best of days, let alone when you add rain and bad weather into the mix. That’s definitely not the ideal moving day you’re hoping for. Unfortunately, things like that happen and the only thing you can do is roll with the punches and make the best out of a bad situation. If you’re not sure how that is possible and you’re convinced that your entire moving day is ruined, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you how you can still make the day a success and get to your new home safely. Moving during a rainstorm might be tough, but it’s not impossible!

Hire Professional Help

Of course, you can’t predict whether you’ll be moving during a rainstorm or on a sunny day. However, you might be able to guess. First of all, you can check the weather forecast to gauge if your moving day will be rainy or not. Also, if you’re moving during autumn, for example, there’s a high chance of the weather not being the best. So, once you have an idea of the weather you can expect on moving day, it might be time to hire some affordable movers Las Vegas. This is a full-proof way to avoid any moving day disasters. Whether it’s pouring rain or the sun is shining, professional movers know how to handle your relocation.

Wear Appropriate Clothing When Moving During a Rainstorm

There are a few things that make moving during a storm even more miserable. One of those things is wearing the wrong type of clothing. If you opt for the wrong shoes, for example, you’ll have to deal with wet feet all day and, let’s face it, nobody wants that. Sure, cross country moving companies Las Vegas can take care of the move, but you still need to be appropriately dressed for moving day. So, choose your outfit wisely.

  • Shoes, shoes, shoes! Make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and, more importantly, that will keep your feet dry. There’s no worse feeling than having wet feet, so that’s the last thing you need when moving during a rainstorm.

    Rubber boots - your best friends when moving during a rainstorm
    It’s not about being fashionable, it’s about being dry. Put some waterproof boots on and you’ll be set.
  • An umbrella probably isn’t the most practical option on moving day. Instead, you can wear a raincoat or a jacket with a hood. Hats are also an option you can consider.

    An umbrella
    Leave your umbrella at home and put a raincoat on instead. It’s more practical when moving during a storm.

Moving Tips for Moving in the Rain

Once you’ve hired movers to help you and picked a suitable outfit, it’s time to prepare your belongings for the move. Before the movers arrive, there are some things you can do to protect your things from damage and make relocating in the rain a little easier.

1. Wrap Your Belongings When Moving During a Rainstorm

The last thing you want when moving while it’s raining is your belongings getting damaged or ruined. Cardboard boxes, for example, probably won’t survive getting wet. So, what you need to do is make sure to protect your belongings by wrapping and covering everything you can. Use materials that are waterproof to ensure that everything will stay dry. Also, you can use plastic containers for packing instead of cardboard boxes, just to be sure.

2. Gather All the Boxes in One Place

Before your residential movers LV arrive, you can make their job a little bit easier. How? Well, simply gather all the boxes in one place. Find a place inside your house where there’s space for all of your packed belongings. Hopefully, you can place everything near the front door. This way, loading the moving truck will be easier and quicker. The movers surely have experience with relocating during rainstorms, but it won’t hurt to help them out a bit.

3. Protect the Floors and Avoid Slipping When Moving During a Rainstorm

Another thing you want to avoid when moving during a rainstorm is someone getting injured. Because everything is wet and everyone is rushing inside in hope of a dry place, things can get dangerous. So, you need to think a lot about safety during the move. To prevent someone from slipping and falling, place non-slip mats on the floors. This won’t only make sure nobody gets hurt, but it will also save you from cleaning up the mud later. Something else you might want to consider is having a few towels nearby. Make sure your hands are dry to avoid things slipping out of them.

A stack of yellow towels
Keep towels handy so that you can dry your hands. When your hands are wet, it’s easier to drop something and either damage your belongings or hurt someone.

4. Prioritize

In case you can’t wait for the rain to pass and you have to load and unload the truck while it’s pouring, at least try to make a good system. Start off by carrying plastic boxes and all the things that are properly wrapped and protected. Leave your fragile and precious belongings for last. By the time you get to those, the rain might stop or at least become subdued. Unfortunately, moving during a rainstorm requires even more planning and thinking than a regular move.

''Fragile'' on a box - when moving during a rainstorm, load fragile things into the truck last
Leave the fragile and valuable items for last when loading the truck. Maybe the rain will stop at some point and they won’t have to get wet.

Is Successfully Moving During a Rainstorm Possible?

Yes! You can definitely execute a successful move even if it’s raining. If you manage to hire the best Las Vegas moving company and you make sure your things are protected, you’ll be fine. Just don’t start panicking. Try to stay calm and rationally figure out ways to keep your things and yourself safe. Don’t get scared of the storm, everything can still go more or less to plan.

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