Can You Make Moving With Kids Easy?

Moving to a new location is a really complicated and hard thing for all people whether they are happy about it or not. But telling the kids that they are moving is even harder. Kids, both young or teen, take every big change emotionally. Finding out that they are moving to a new home, in a new town, leaving school and their best friends can cause severe issues in your family. Not to mention potential depression and refusing to accept reality. That is why you should inform yourself how to make moving with kids easy. Although no one can help you as a psychologist can, there are still ways to help you ease your relocation with kids. If you want to show your kids that you care about their feelings, take a look at some tips we’ve prepared for you and do your best. 

make moving with kids easy
Throwing a goodbye party is one of the best ways to show your kids that you care about their feelings and friendships.

Give Them Time to Get Acquainted With Their New Home

Make moving with kids easy by taking them to their new surroundings. If you’re moving to a new town take them to visit their future home, the nearby parks, and schools. They will visit new places and try to show them the benefits and best of the new location. When it comes to the house, try to fill the new home with everyday items that will let your kid feels more comfortable. When you put their bed and toys in their new room, they will feel like in their old house. Put their favorite books and pictures and make everything cozy and familiar.

young family
Do what you can to save your kids from moving stress!

Of course, it takes time to fill your new house with things and furniture, but you can prepare the most important room first. For example, put the furniture and TV in your living room first so you can socialize with your kids there in the beginning. Let them explore every corner of your new house and plan their room layout.  

Encourage Them to Pack Their Toys and Other Belongings

When it’s about traveling or moving, kids like to run around the house and pack their things and favorite toys. That can cause a serious mess, but try to explain to your kids what they can actually do to help you.  Moreover, kids like putting stuff in boxes, so let them pack their favorite toys and books in boxes. They will be delighted. After they fill their boxes, they can use a marker and label that boxes. If the boxes are lighter, they can carry them to the moving truck. Depending on their age, they can pack their own small backpack, the bookshelves or non-breakable items. If you’re relocating to Las Vegas with your kids, try to hire a professional moving company to ease your relocation. 

Throw a Goodbye Party For Their Friends

Kids love parties! So what can be better to make moving with kids more comfortable than throwing a goodbye party?? Ask your kids if they would like to gather all their friends and throw a party before you move to a new place. You can make a cake, order a pizza and decorate your backyard. Use a camera and take photos to create great memories for your kids. You can make small presents for their friends. You can make an album together of that party and your old house. Stay positive and let your kids feel happy and excited. If moving with your kids is a hard challenge for you, check amazing offers from Las Vegas movers and relocate without stress. 

Get Ready For Questions if You Want to Make Moving With Kids Easy

You can’t make moving with kids easy if you don’t gather them for a serious talk. If you already know when you’re moving, make sure you explain them months in advance that they need to change their house. But don’t immediately speak about significant change and all new things that are coming because you can make them afraid. Speak with them about the things that will remain the same, because kids love their routines and things they are familiar with, and of course their room where they feel safe and protected.

mother with her kid
If possible, take your kids to meet their new home and plan out their new room if you want to make moving with kids easy.

Before you talk with your kids, get ready for some serious questions. Kids will ask where they are going to live and why they need to change their house? They will ask you if there will be something they are used to because they will miss some things. They can refuse to accept the change and act angry. All this is normal, since adaptation can be difficult for most children. With that in mind, learn how to meet new people after you move. Even for parents, adapting can be stressful.

Involve Some Creativity

It requires more imagination and creativity if you want to make moving with kids easy. You can’t just tell them that you’re moving. Try to use some creativity and exciting ways to explain moving to them. If your kids are small, you can read books about moving to help your kids understand what is happening. You two can then discuss feelings about the move and share opinions.

happy kid with happy parents
Psychologists say that children feel happier and less stressed with pets. If you have the conditions at your new house, surprise them with a pet!

There are also a lot of movie comedies about relocating, so you can make a movie night for your kids. Make fun out of moving! You can take some free time to create a memory book of your house, child’s friends, pets, and favorite moments. Kids can draw and write their memories there. That idea will delight your kids. If you want to be more creative, let your child write letters for family and friends.

Make Moving With Kids Easy: Buy Them a Pet 

Psychologists say that buying a pet can help your kids overcome moving faster and feel less stressful. Kids like playing with animals, and if you surprise your kids with some pet like a dog, cat, or a goldfish, you will draw their attention on other things from moving. If you have a backyard, you can buy a dog or a cat, but if you don’t, you can always pick some small animal.  Pets can be difficult to handle, especially if you are waiting for another child. With that in mind, moving while pregnant-tips and hints for you.

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