A quick guide on packing electronics for moving

Electronics are a mandatory part of everyday life today. New ones are coming out often, and we just get more and more of them in our homes. If you have quite the collection, as many people do, and you need to move, you are likely anxious. These items are fragile, awkward to pack, and on top of all, expensive. Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas has the experience, skills, and supplies needed to do this task for you. However, many people get motivated to try to pack their households themselves, which doesn’t always turn out well. If you want to try your luck with packing electronics for moving, then you are in the right place to learn.

What should you know before packing electronics for moving?

You can pack many items in boxes without additional protection. But since the items will likely stay packed for a while after some long distance moving companies in Las Vegas drop them off, you need to take precautionary steps. Packing electronics for moving requires:

  1. Proper preparation – moving is the right time to clean your devices from their biggest enemy, dust. You should never transport or store devices with their batteries inside. You also need to remove the cables to avoid damage.
  2. High-quality packing supplies – the original boxes are the best option, but boxes close in size to the item that needs to be packed are also good. Bubble wrap is another must-have supply, instead of its popular, cheaper substitute, newspapers.
  3. Labels – when you are done packing electronics, you will be left with a bunch of cables and disconnected devices that will all look similar. To avoid confusion, always use labels for every item.
Picture of a laptop in a dark place
The original boxes are the best

You should pack devices with screens with utmost care

LED and LCD monitors are the most commonly used nowadays, and they are notorious for getting damaged easily. Since many devices have said screens, these are the items that you should put the most attention to when packing. Many moving services Las Vegas recommend that for packing a TV, you should never use newspaper directly on the screen and never put it with the screen down! The best way to protect a fragile surface like this is to wrap it in a blanket and add a few layers of bubble wrap, before packing it in its box.

Invest in moving insurance

Not many people buy moving insurance, but it is a very useful option you have for protecting your items. You can completely trust some appliance movers Las Vegas with your items, but you can always go a step further. Full value protection is the best option, guaranteeing you repairs or replacement of lost or damaged items. Moving might cost more this way, but at least you will sleep peacefully at night.

Picture of an umbrella protecting a blue sign from the rain
Packing electronics for moving can be taken to a higher level with moving insurance

Conclusion on packing electronics for moving

When packing electronics for moving, you need to take your time to go through all the steps carefully. Getting ready for a last-minute move will leave you short on time, but you should still dedicate sufficient time to your electronics. We wish you good luck!

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