5 reasons to move your family from Las Vegas to Reno this year

If you’re looking for a perfect city on the border of Nevada and California, then this is a perfect place for you and your family. This place has got everything, no wonder why they call it “The Biggest Little City in the World”. In this article, we as reliable movers Las Vegas want to explain and provide you with the top 5 reasons to move your family from Las Vegas to Reno this year. We think that this is a special year because of the ongoing rise in prices, post-pandemic inflation, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. It’s tough and the winter will be even worse, at least that’s what experts say. So it might be better to move to a mid-sized city that is on the rise. Let’s see what beauties and specialties Reno holds for you!

The first reason why move your family from Las Vegas to Reno this year is the job growth

As you can see inflation is hitting us hard and the more we earn the less it’s worth. So you could find a good job in Reno, there is a variety of different jobs on websites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed.com. They range anywhere from truck drivers to librarians or communication or IT specialists. Now if you want to get a cheaper house price for you and your whole family, you should consider this as an option. Plus the city is flourishing, it’s thriving and people from all around are coming in. So there are job opportunities on every corner, plus it’s cheaper than Vegas. Don’t worry about the Vegas strip or casinos, there are plenty of them here too. So if you want to work in this industry there are plenty of jobs for that as well.

A man sitting in front of the laptop drinking a cup of coffee, thinking about top 5 reasons to move his family from Las Vegas to Reno this year;
A medium-sized city that is predicted to gain 51% more population in the next 10 years has a lot of potential and lucrative job opportunities.

One more interesting fact is that if you want to invest, this is a perfect opportunity. As we’ve told you the city is flourishing and there are buildings popping up everywhere, so it’s a great place to start your own business. Also, don’t forget that Nevada is one of the nine states with no state income tax. We as movers Las Vegas to Reno have provided you with the top six most affordable neighborhoods for families:

  • West Reno
  • West Sparks
  • North Valleys
  • Northeast Reno
  •  Brinkby /Grove
  • Airport

The second reason lies within the secrets of nature

If you want to see untouched nature, clean water, and green mountains under a swift sunrise? Well, we’ve just described Lake Tahoe to you! Since it’s on the border with California it attracts people from both states.  With miles and miles of biking and hiking trails, it’s a great place for athletic types as well as casual hikers. There are many beaches so you and your family can enjoy a swim or a ride on the lake. On the other hand, if you like snow during the winter in the nearby mountains you can enjoy skiing, world-class downhill or any other winter sports activities.  There are plenty of restaurants around as well as music festivals and concerts throughout the year. If you enjoy nature we as cross country moving companies Las Vegas would highly advise you visit Reno at any time.

Sierra Nevada mountain range with a snowy forest;
Sierra Nevada is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges near Reno.

The third reason why you want to move from Las Vegas to Reno is education

Little do people know that the University of Nevada, Reno is Tier 1 research university. UNR, which is regarded as a Ph.D. institution, is also ranked among the top research institutions by the Carnegie Foundation.
It is most renowned for its engineering, scientific, and health-related disciplines, which include biotech and seismic science. Both the number of students enrolled and university collaborations on problems have increased significantly. If you’re planning to move don’t forget who should you inform about your change of address.

The fourth reason why you want to move to Reno is the location and weather

As you may have already noticed the location is perfect. It’s on the border of the two most prosperous states in the US. This city offers a real mix of an urban and rural lifestyles. You’re only 4 hours drive from San Francisco or one hour flight from Las Vegas. Also, the weather in this state is perfect, this is one of the rare cities where you can experience all four seasons. Because of global warming nowadays we experience mostly snowless winters and overheated summers with the occasional drop of rain in between.

A rainbow over a grass field;
If you want to experience all four seasons at their best, move to Reno.

The fifth reason is sports and nightlife

The place offers wonderful sports courts for basketball and baseball. If you are a fan of golf yourself there are some great courses like Sierra Sage Golf Course or Lakeridge Golf CourseNow, this may not sound like a family-friendly tip but now and then you would like to go out a bit. Especially since going out is not going out of date and if your kids are closer to their 20s they’ll like it more.

That would be it for this article and these are our 5 reasons to move your family from Las Vegas to Reno this year. Anyway, it’s similar to Las Vegas but it’s smaller.  We’ll share with you our sixth reason, the traffic isn’t jammed at all.  It’s lower than the national average at 19 minutes for a one-way commute. The only downside is that isn’t good for bikes and it’s not so perfect for long walks as well. So if you think that you would like we will be glad to move you. If you need emergency movers, you can count on us. Thank you for reading and we hope that you’ll have a nice move!

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